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Hoist the Jolly Roger! YE BANISHED PRIVATEERS take no prisoners. With First Night Back In Port, availalbe June 30th 2017 on Napalm Records, a loose merger of ruffians and raiders will take you back into the cruel world of the 18th century. Be prepared for rough times where pirates dominated the seven seas! Now the band unveiled their first and an exciting 360° music video for the album title track First Night Back In Port, dive into the sailor’s world of YE BANISHED PRIVATEERS right HERE, courtesy of Goldmine Magazine.

With the influences of Irish and Skandinavian folk as well as raw punk they brew stormy sea chanties, none of the band’s sprees is as alike as two peas in a pod. YE BANISHED PRIVATEERS count 30 crewmembers. At least a dozen of these buccaneers arm themselves to the teeth with fiddle, banjo and accordion on any of their feasts. All of them with grumpy gorges but hearts made of gold when they sing against laws and nations. If this pack of rags and tricorns ask for a dance no gums stay dry, no peg legs stiff. Smoky gullets join in unique sounds of long forgotten days – a time travel back to honest and moving music.

First Night Back In The Port is coming out June 30th 2017 on Napalm Records, the track list reads as follows:

1. Annabel

2. A Night at the Schwarzer Kater

3. First Night Back in Port

4. All the Way to Galway

5. Cooper’s Rum

6. Skippy Aye Yo

7. I Dream of You

8. A Declaration of Independence

9. For a Fragile Moment’s Ease

10. We Are Ye Banished Privateers

11. Bosuns Verses

12. Eastindiamen

13. Devil’s Bellows

14. Ringaroo at Coopr’s Inn

15. Mermaid’s Kiss

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In support of their brand new album, YE BANISHED PRIVATEERS will be heavily hitting the road this year, make sure to catch their unique live performances on the following dates:

29.04.17 NL – Elfia / Castle de Haar

30.04.17 DE – Dortmund / MPS*

01.05.17 DE – Dortmund / MPS*

25-28.05.17 DE – Rastede / MPS*

23.06.17 DE – Burg Abenberg / Feuertanz

24.06.17 DE – Hamm / TBA

25.06.17 DE – Vlatten / TBA

15.07.17 DE – Bückeburg / MPS*

16.07.17 DE – Bückeburg / MPS*

05.08.17 DE – Köln / MPS*

06.08.17 DE – Köln / MPS*

02.09.17 DE – Hamburg / MPS*

03.09.17 DE – Hamburg / MPS*

*Mittelalterliches Phantasie Spectaculum

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