Mar 25

Wretched – Son Of Perdition (2012)


Wretched is back with and stronger than ever, after their 2010 album Beyond The Gate. Son Of Perdition their new album is a more mature work that shows the growing of the band to a more defining sound. You can see the influences from many genres on this album, from thrash, metalcore, deathcore even a bit of progressive. If in the past the band was compare with bands like The Black Dhalia Murder or The Faceless, well that is now just that the past.

Son Of Perdition has identity on its own and the character that separate the band from earlier influences. The album open with a dark instrumental passage called Oblivium, to continue with an aggressive Imminent Growth, which it exactly what the album represents. You can tell the influence of their new members Adam Cory (vocals) and Andrew Garvey (bass guitar) is crucial for the sound of the band on this record. The album continues with At The First Sign Of Rust a very progressive/melodic song with a great guitar work, follow by the first single of the album Dilated Disappointment a breath-taking song full of ups and downs that will do well to the circle pits on a live show.

The album continues with Repeat…The End Is Near, and Dreams Of Chaos two very mellow and crunchy songs that are the perfect bridge between aggression and peaceful head banging, a lot of melodic riffs and progressive drumming. Wretched then surprises us with a three-part instrumental called The Stellar Sunset Of Evolution, a well done piece that shows that the band has transcended to a different level on their sound. The album closes with Karma Accomplished and Decimation two very powerful songs that define the purpose of the album enchanted your hearing to prepare you for madness in the most brutal form.

Son Of Perdition, is a great piece that still have roots on metalcore and deathcore, but moves Wretched away from the rest of the pack. their sound is more tight, and their work with instrumental pieces will take you from calm moments to the point of breaking your neck. A roller coaster album full of ups, downs and turns. Don’t miss them on the road this upcoming weeks as they are part of the Metal Alliance Tour with DevilDriver, The Faceless, Dying Fetus, 3 Inches Of Blood and Job For A Cowboy.

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