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Wretched, Huntress & Silence The Messenger at Rocky Point Cantina. Tempe, AZ (07/29/12)


On Sunday July 29th a storm came into town and with it came  Wretched (Victory Records), Huntress (Napalm Records), & Silence the Messager.  The gloomy weather did not bring the shows attitude down but only made it more intense.  The show took place at Rocky Point Cantina in Tempe Arizona and possibly consisted from about 40 fans.  Although the crowd was small all the bands did an amazing job and were great.

Silence the Messager is an unsigned death\hardcore metal band from San Antonio, Texas.  They really put a lot of energy into their set and tried to get the crowd pumped.  People really seemed to like them and got into their set.

Huntress did a phenomenal job.  As always the beautiful blonde high screaming Jill Janus amazed the crowd with her incredible voice and presence.    Cloaked in black the gorgeous singer was incredibly engaging with her giant blue eyes and captured everyone attention.  They had a killer set list and featured songs off Spell Eater.  The whole band had great stage presence and blew the tiny crowd away.  Huntress definitely stood out because their sound compared to all the other bands is completely different and nothing but killer.  Here‘s some great live shots of the band.

Finally Wretched a death metal from  Charlotte, North Carolina hit the stage.  The guys did a good job and played some really heavy tracks during their set.  Everyone rushed to the front of the venue to catch them up close.  They did a great job ending the show with some brutal vocals by Adam Cody.  Here‘s a couple of shots from the show.

Great show, stellar bands and great energy all around everyone there that night definitely enjoyed it, and the rain only made it more dramatic.  Like Jill Janus said that night, “the rain brought out the witches!.”

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