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Known for their “high-octane rush of deep, grinding riffs, piston-driven drumming, and thundering bass” (No Clean Singing),  Vancouver’s WORMWITCH is excited to announce the details of their upcoming debut release via PROSTHETIC RECORDS.

 To go from recording a demo over a couple days in a sweaty jam space to putting out an LP on Prosthetic within a year and a half … it’s just not something we could have realistically expected.” remarks the band, “It’s got our fingerprints all over it. If something was possible to do ourselves, we did it, down to mixing and artwork.

Recorded in late 2016 with producer Curtis Buckoll (Archspire) at Rain City Recorders, “Strike Mortal Soil” integrates equal parts black metal savagery and rock ‘n’ roll defiance showcasing the band’s darkest, heaviest and primitive sound.  Scheduled for worldwide release on May 12, 2017, via Prosthetic Records, “Strike Mortal Soil” will be available for pre-order on limited-edition vinyl on lightning bolt blue with black specks as well as on CD and digitally on March 30

Thematically, “Strike Mortal Soil” is about being alive and what that means in today’s society. The band elaborated, “We live in a society both obsessed with and terrified of death. We exist in a world constantly seeking immortality through fame or Gods. “Strike Mortal Soil” means to live with a furious passion. It is to be able to enter one’s grave like lightning, in rejection of eternity. It enforces the message that life has worth, not from your nationality, your land, your God or your flesh, but what you do with yourself.”


1.   As Above
2.   Howling From the Grave
3.   Weregild
4.   Even the Sun Will Die
5.   Relentless Death
6.   Cerulean Abyss
7.   Everlasting Lie
8.   …And Smote His Ruin Upon the Mountainside
9.   Mantle of Ignorance
10. So Below

Stay tuned for new music and pre-order’s for “Strike Mortal Soil” by following them on social media at:

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