Apr 03

WINDSWEPT (featuring members of DRUDKH) release debut album

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WINDSWEPT, the Ukrainian black metal band featuring DRUDKH mastermind Roman Sayenko, have released their ferocious debut full-length ‘The Great Cold Steppe’ worldwide. The album is streaming here and at the band’s official Bandcamp page.

Paying homage to the Ukrainian black metal scene’s bitter, icy roots, WINDSWEPT draw inspiration from the unforgiving nature of the Eastern winter steppes. Unlike the current melodic undercurrents found in DRUDKH’s latest outputs, ‘The Great Cold Steppe’ is a severe album, raw and unflinching.

‘The Great Cold Steppe’ is available across special CD and LP editions limited to one pressing at the Season of Mist E-Shop

Track List:
1. Black Horizon Is the Gates of a Blizzard
2. Shrouded in Pale Shining, So Sleeps Infinite Ancient Steppe
3. The Stars Are Cold and Indifferent, Sow Their Gleaming Ashes
4. The Great Shepherd Rides His Storms
5. Blinding and Bottomless Abyss Is Howling
6. A Spiteful Wind Buries All the Lonely Whispers

Stream ‘The Great Cold Steppe’ on Bandcamp.
Stream ‘The Great Cold Steppe’ on Spotify

Written and recorded in only three days without rehearsals, ‘The Great Cold Steppe’ showcases evocative melodic riffs cascading against a wall cacophonous drums alongside Sayenko’s most powerful vocal delivery to date, invoking palpable, unchained fury. ‘The Great Cold Steppe’ sees SAYENKO and co. carrying forth the torch for the genre, proving that malignant, fierce black metal is as extreme and scathing as ever before. 

WINDSWEPT news and updates will be made available through the Season of Mist website, and the DRUDKH Facebook page.

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