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Wednesday 13 – Condolences (2017)


Since 1992, Joseph Poole, aka, Wednesday 13, has been in a number of horror-themed bands, starting with Mizery, then Maniac Spider Trash, then Frankenstein Dragqueens from Planet 13, then Murderdolls, and then Wednesday 13. Being a diverse musician, he’s also been in Outlaw Country band, Bourbon Crow, and Glam Rock band, Gunfire 76. Wednesday 13 will be releasing their kick ass, eighth full-length album, Condolences, through Nuclear Blast on June 2nd. 

Condolences begins with a short intro track entitled, Last Rites. It sounds sci-fi like, with inhuman voices, effects from a keyboard and/or synthesizer, and the drum beats give it more depth. The second song on the album, What The Night Brings, sounds like it starts off where Last Rites left off. The catchy and slower riffs from Jack and Roman really compliment and match the pace of Wednesday‘s vocals. The part where Wednesday is quietly singing “I am the one who sits at the foot of your bed, when you think you’re alone at night,” is accompanied by Troy‘s bass playing, and slow drumming from Kyle. I really like the part where Wednesday says, “I only want to bite…” I think it was captured very well. The music video for this song is really cool as well, and I’ve shared it many times on Facebook. I think it was a great song to release as the first single from the album, to draw in the fans.

Wednesday said that the song Blood Sick, which is the fourth track on the album, is about a spider torturing a fly in its web, before devouring it, and he wanted to capture that scenario in the music video, and I think it was captured very well. The song opens with a catchy riff from Roman, followed by Jack, Troy, and Kyle. Wednesday‘s vocals come in at the 25 second mark, and the song turns into another catchy and memorable song. I really enjoy the short, but sweet drum fills from Kyle, and the chorus, “and there’s now way you’re getting out alive, I’m so blood sick, and I need all yours tonight.” The song ends with the riff from Roman that he started the song with.

Just like the last Wednesday 13 album, Monsters of The Universe: Come Out and Plague, Condolences is heavier and more Metal sounding than Punk. The sixth song on the album, You Breathe, I kill, is a great example of that statement. The intro of the song has fast paced riffs and drums, and it sounds a bit “thrashy,” in a sense. The song gets a bit slower, but the riffs are still heavy and catchy. “You breathe, I kill,” is sung by what sounds like Troy and Jack, or it could be Troy, Jack, and Roman since they all do backup vocals. The fast guitar solo by Roman is awesome, and I really liked it. The song fades out with “You breathe, I kill,” being sung repetitively, along with all of the instruments.

The eighth song on Condolences, Cruel to You, kind of reminds me of Wednesday 13‘s 2011 album, Calling All Corpses, in terms of lyrics and music. It has the same simplicity, but still very catchy and awesome. When I first saw the music video, which is in comic book style, and has a campy horror feel to it, I thought to myself, “Well, this is terrible.” But then I remembered, this is what Wednesday 13 is all about, and I found myself listening to it again. I think it’s supposed to be cheesy and a bit awful on purpose, just like a lot of campy horror movies seem. I really love the contrast between the upbeat riffs, and violent lyrics, and I find myself with “I just want to hurt you, beat you black and blue, I just want to be so cruel to you,” stuck in my head often.

The title track of the album opens with atmospheric sounds, a piano, and then catchy, heavy and slow riffs come in with the drums. The short bass line before Wednesday comes in with his whispering vocals is cool, and I really enjoy the eerie vibe of the song. The demonic sounding vocals that are occupied by Wednesday‘s whispering vocals at one point really adds to the creepiness of the song. I also like how the atmospheric sound comes back in towards the end of Roman‘s guitar solo, because it makes it a smooth transition back to Wednesday‘s quiet vocals and piano. The song ends with the atmospheric sounds, piano, and the rest of the song fading out with Wednesday repeating “condolences.” There’s also a sound like a guitar being played at the very end of the song, which makes for a great transition into the beginning of the last song.

Just like with What The Night Brings, the last track on the album, Death Infinity, starts with where the previous track left off. It opens with riffs from both Jack and Roman (I think) that create an atmospheric presence, and more whispering vocals from Wednesday. Then when Kyle comes in with the drums, Wednesday goes back to his regular vocals for a bit when the song picks up. The chorus “Falling from mortality, the darkness shines the light for me, I’m death infinity,” makes me think of death, and how the darkness of it is the “light” and guidance for a person’s soul to follow into another realm, or how it’s reassurance to remind someone that they’re now dead. I’m probably way off, but that’s the idea I get from that line. The slow guitar solo keeps the overall vibe of the song intact, and the song ends with all instruments and vocals fading out, which makes it a great ending to another satisfying Wednesday 13 album.

Rating: ★★★★☆

Track list:

  • Last Rites
  • What The Night Brings
  • Cadaverous
  • Blood Sick
  • Good Riddance
  • You Breathe, I Kill
  • Omen Amen
  • Cruel to You
  • Eulogy XIII
  • Prey For Me
  • Lonesome Road to Hell
  • Condolences
  • Death Infinity

Genre: Hard Rock/Punk/Gothic/Horror Metal

Label: Nuclear Blast

Playing Time: 44:36


Joseph Poole aka Wednesday 13: Lyrics, lead vocalist
Roman Surman: Lead guitarist
Jack Tankersley: Rhythm guitarist
Troy Doebbler: Bassist
Kyle Castronovo: Drummer


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