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Wednesday 13 at The Marquis Theater in Denver, CO (6/18/2017)


Seeing Wednesday 13 live for nearly four years now, I can say that the band steps up their performance every time. With multiple different lighting schemes, smoke machines, the band members in sick stage outfits and ghoulish makeup, and Wednesday wearing different accessories, including masks throughout the set, fans are in for a very theatrical and fun experience. Their show on Sunday night was incredible as usual, and the only thing that was disappointing to me was that their set seemed to fly by so quickly due to how much I was enjoying it. 

With the newly released album, Condolences, this tour’s set features a good amount of songs from it, but also includes a lot of great Wednesday 13 classics. The band entered the stage with “Last Rites,” playing, and immediately went into performing, “What the Night Brings,” which are the first two songs on Condolences. The crowd was already fired up with “What the Night Brings,” singing their lungs out, head banging, and throwing the horns up high. I definitely didn’t hold back either, and I made sure to sing as loud as possible for the next song, which was “Scream, Baby, Scream,” off of the 2008 Skeletons album, which also gets the crowd clapping during the catchy drum parts at the beginning. However this time, the crowd wasn’t jumping for the “creeping through the mortuary” part which Wednesday usually changes the lyrics to be “dancing through the mortuary” for live performances, so I did kind of miss that. It’s still one hell of a catchy and great song live though!

The fourth song of the set brought us back to the great 2015 album, Monsters of The Universe: Come Out And Plague, with “Keep Watching the Skies.” Followed by that was “Cadaverous,” another new song off of Condolences, which to me definitely seems like another silly, but extremely catchy and memorable song about necrophilia. I along with tons of other fans in the crowd shamelessly sang along to that song as well. After “Cadaverous,” the band jumped into another song that automatically sends fans into clapping which was one of my personal favorites from the 2013 album, The Dixie Dead, called “Get Your Grave On.” It definitely can get you moving, and it’s one of those songs that I can’t even listen to at home while on my laptop without getting the urge to head bang and even get up and dance. So hearing it live with other fans sharing the same energy just makes you go ten times crazier.

Serpent Society,” which is also a song from Monsters of The Universe: Come Out And Plague, was the seventh song of the set, and though it’s a slower paced song, it’s far from disappointing. Wednesday performs that song in black, devil-like mask, and the lyrics and title gives me the idea it’s about the secret society, especially with the line “blood rituals, darkness is born,” since a lot of conspiracy theorists talk about blood rituals being performed in the secret society, aka the Illuminati. It’s a great song and has nearly been goose bump – inducing each few times I’ve heard it live. Followed by “Serpent Society,” was another classic, “Ghost of Vincent Price,” from the 2005 album, Transylvania 90210: Songs of Death, Dying, and The Dead. This was the first time I’ve seen Wednesday perform that great song while wearing a mask on his face, a mask on the back of his head, and a cape, and it was killer. After “Ghost of Vincent Price,” came another song from Condolences, which was “Blood Sick.”

I Want You Dead,” also from Transylvania 90210: Songs of Death, Dying, and The Dead, was played after “Blood Sick.” To me, it felt like a great transition, since “Blood Sick” has a line “I’m so blood sick and I need all yours tonight,” and “I Want You Dead,” is another song about Wednesday wanting a fling with a cadaver, haha. This song was also full of crowd participation, with us shouting “dead, dead, dead!“, and shouting the, “hey, hey, hey!” parts. “Hail Ming” also from The Dixie Dead, was up next on the set, and also had us clapping, singing, and shaking our fists. It’s a catchy and memorable song about Ming the Merciless, originally from the 1934 Flash Gordon comic strip, and if I remember correctly, Wednesday 13 had a shirt with him on it at one point. “Cruel to You,” from Condolences, was after “Hail Ming,” and I felt like it was also a great transition since the music video for “Cruel to You,” is in comic book style and is also another simple but great song.

Condolences,” the title track off of the new album, is also another slow-paced, and goose bump-inducing song, especially live, and it was so cool to get to experience that at an “up close and personal” level. Wednesday dressed how he did as the pastor with a dark twist in the music video, with the dark, round glasses, top hat, and clutching a holy bible. “Eulogy XII,” which is like a transition track in Condolences, was played before the band went into the last couple songs of the night. “I Love to Say Fuck,” originally a Frankenstein Drag Queens From Planet 13 song, is both a fan and Wednesday favorite. Throughout the song, fans put up and wave their middle fingers, and sometimes Wednesday will bring out a black umbrella with the word “Fuck” written on it and twirl it around, but he didn’t have it with him for Sunday night’s performance. “Bad Things,” another fan and Wednesday favorite, also from Transylvania 90210: Songs of Death, Dying and The Dead, was the last song of the night, and Wednesday introduced the rest of the band members to the audience, and then asked us who he was while pointing to the band’s backdrop.

Even though sadness quickly came over me, as I’m sure it did the rest of the crowd with the realization that the show was over, it was another incredibly awesome live performance by Wednesday 13. It was great to hear the new songs live, as well as the classics. It’s now early Tuesday morning and my neck is still a bit sore from all the headbanging I did during Wednesday 13‘s set. I already want to see them live again and will have major withdrawals until I do. I’m just glad I have the pictures and videos to look back on until then. (Speaking of pictures, it was hard to capture a lot of what I wanted on my phone’s camera for this review with some of the blue and red lighting, so that’s why the pictures don’t go along with the songs of the set I’m describing.) I encourage every Wednesday 13 fan to go catch this tour, and even if you’re not a fan, you should still go see them live because their performances are so great that you just may be turned into a die-hard fan afterwards.

Wednesday 13, Once Human + Gabriel and the Apocalypse Tour Dates

6/20 — Albuquerque, N.M. -Launchpad
6/21 — Gallup, N.M. – Juggernaut Music
6/22 — Flagstaff, Ariz. – The Green Room
6/23 — Las Vegas, Nev. – VAMPD
6/24 — Fresno, Calif. – Fulton 55
6/25 — West Hollywood, Calif. – Whisky A Go Go
6/27 — San Diego, Calif. – Brick By Brick
6/28 — Mesa, Ariz. – Club Red
6/30 — Abilene, Texas – My Place
7/1 — San Antonio, Texas – Paper Tiger
7/2 — Austin, Texas – Grizzly Hall
7/4 — New Orleans, La. – Southport Music Hall
7/6 — Dallas, Texas – Trees
7/7 — Tulsa, Okla. – The Vanguard
7/8 — Oklahoma City, Okla. – Oklahoma City Limits
7/9 — St Louis, Mo. – Fubar
7/11 — Indianapolis, Ind. – Emerson Theater
7/12 — St Louis, Mo. – Fubar
7/13 — Berwyn, Ill. – The Wire
7/14 — Des Moines, Iowa – Vaudeville Mews
7/15 — St Paul, Minn. – Amsterdam Bar
7/16 — Sioux Falls, S.D. – Bigs Sports Bar
7/18 — Minot, N.D. – The “O” Bar
7/20 — Edmonton, Alberta – Starlite Room
7/21 — Calgary, Alberta – Dickens
7/23 — Seattle, Wash. – Studio Seven


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