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Vreid – Welcome Farewell (2013)



Norweigian Black metallers Vreid are back again in 2013 with their newest album Welcome Farewell. Vreid formed in 2004 after the collapse of Windir due to the tragic death of their frontman Valfar. They however did not want to continue on with the Windir sound and chose to play pure black metal that harkens back to the early 90’s second wave of Black Metal. With Welcome Farewell they have a created an icy cold album full of darkness with a few twists.

In some parts Vreid’s Welcome Farewell is a continuation of what they have been doing in their past few album combining Norwegian black metal with 70’s hard rock. This style led to some people calling Vreid “black n roll”. Welcome Farewell starts with a slow and creepy crescendo of guitar until the full band comes in full blast with chuggy and dissonant guitars, fast double bass drums, and venomous high-pitched screams. The album continues with Way of the Serpent in true Norwegian black metal fashion its high tempo, tremolo picking, and blast beats. One of the things that separates Vreid from the rest of their contemporaries is their inclusion of 70’s hard rock into the mix. Songs like their single The Reap is one such where Vreid mixs a Thin Lizzy/Steppenwolf like riff with black metal.

The mix for the most part is very done and placed to give Vreid a likability to fans who maybe don’t like the coarse style of black metal. The melodic nature of Welcome Farewell is also another aspect of them that makes them well ahead of their contemporaries with solos and groovy riffs. Their lyrics are pretty standard ones for black metal talking about darkness and despair however they also incorporate lyrics of war and especially about WWII.

With Welcome Farewell, Vreid breathes new life in Norwegian black metal melding 90’s style of black metal and 70’s style of hard rock with a modern production creating an interesting mix for first time listeners of Vreid.


01. The Ramble
02. Way Of The Serpent
03. The Devil’s Hand
04. Welcome Farewell
05. The Reap
06. Sights Of Old
07. Black Waves
08. At The Brook

Genre: Black n’ Roll

Label: Indie Recordings

Playing Time: 43 minutes


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