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Victor Brandt of Entombed A.D. discussed Hellfest & Beer


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Entombed A.D. was one of the most amazing bands who played at Hellfest. This is one of the bands I’ve been excited about since their influence on the metal scene is the strongest today than it has ever been. My first time seeing them was when they played in Tampa, supporting Amon Amarth.

While I enjoyed their performance, there’s nothing like seeing a band perform at a huge open air festival. So it wasn’t surprising that I preferred their performance at Hellfest. Watching their set, I caught myself headbanging and throwing up the horns like everyone else in the crowd. One of my favorite experiences from Hellfest was getting an overload of Swedish death metal, and Entombed A.D. is no exception. Out of the list of my favorite Hellfest performances, Entombed A.D. was one of the tops on my list.

Out of all of the iconic extreme metal bands, Entombed A.D. is one of the most versatile. Entombed’s debut Left Hand Path called to the beginning of a new era of death metal, with deeper guttural tones mixed in with brutal melodies. And with their third album Wolverine Blues. The coined phrase “death n’ roll” was their signature mixing of death metal-influenced vocalizing and harsh drumming, with focusing on the feeling of the music rather than the technicality; they did this by writing more raw melodies and vigorous soloing.

Now with Entombed A.D.’s last two albums Back to the Front and Dead Dawn, they combine both of these styles. Especially with Dead Dawn, where they bring a hellish vibe with harsh vocals and heavy melodies, but with reinvented rock-inspired riffing. Overall, there will never be another band like Entombed A.D.!

The Age of Metal was able to speak to bassist Victor Brandt. In the interview, we discuss Hellfest, their touring plans, and their Freeman beer.



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