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Varg – Guten Tag (2012)


The German Pagan Metal band Varg is ready to release their latest album titled “Guten Tag” (Good Day) by Napalm Records.  The band Varg was founded in 2005 by Freki and has released three Full-length Albums and one Split Album by now. The first album “Wolfszeit” was released in 2007 and written by the first Line-Up, consisting of Freki (Lead Guitar), Fenrier (Drums), Geri (Vocals & Rhythm Guitar) and Skol (Bass).  Then their Split Album “Schildfront Germania” was released with Minas Morgul in 2008. On the 29th of January 2010 “Blutaar” was released together with the new major label Noise Art Records.  On the 4th of March 2011 “Wolfskult” was released again via Noise Art Records.  Current band line up is FREKI (Vocals Guitars), MANAGARM (Bass Guitars Vocals), HATI (Guitars), FENRIER (Drums) SKALLI (Guitars).

The sound of foot steps followed 6 knocks on a door is the intro for the album called Willkommen.  The album kick starts with the titled track “Guten Tag” with the english translation of good day.  The song has very high energy and has a really cool guitar rift definitely a killer way to start off an album.  Frei Wie Der Wind is nothing less than a killer song, its rifts, chorus and drum beat is very catchy and will get stuck in your head.  The sound of a bell church bell ringing is the way Was Nicht Darf  starts off the track is deep heavy and very dark.  The vocals on the track sound especially  evil and the fact that everything is sung in German really highlights every lyric giving it that dreary black metal sound.  Blut Und Feuer is a very up tempo song that has very many different parts in it.  The track has again more of a black metal influence vocal wise but the beginning was very upbeat and some of the rifts in it sound like they have a hint of folk metal in them.  It’s a song that fans will really enjoy and get into.  Angriff meaning attack is totally what this song does.  In your face with great guitar parts really shows how diverse the Varg is and how much skills and talent they have to tie all the tracks together and make them all be cohesive.  Horizont kicks things off with heavy drums followed by some gruesome vocals which later transitions into FREKI classic sounding vocals accompanied by very beautiful guitar parts.

A Thousand Eyes the only song done in English off the whole album and it is simply amazing.  Despite the language change the track is still great, it really shows no matter what language is spoken the song will still be extreme.  Personally loved that Varg decided to do a track in English because it lets American fans fully understand the lyrics and the true meaning behind the song.  Wieder Mal Verloren is one of the more different tracks off the album.  It has many different components such as a different style of guitars and when you hit a 1:51 you hear FREKI clean vocals and I personally always love that mix whenever bands do it in a song.  “Gedanke Und Erinnerung” & Leben are the next 2 tracks off the album that keep things moving along.  Anti full of speed and aggression you can really feel the raw emotion that makes the song sound amazing.  Finally the last song off the album is Apokalypse starts off with the sound of rain.  The track ranges from high to low vocals giving it more depth.  Over all it was a stellar track and nice way to end the album.

Over all Guten Tag was an amazing album.  Personally I loved how well-rounded the album was.  Although the band is classified as Pagan Metal they really showed their skills because you hear a very wide range of influences in every song.  Also the fact that they sing in German keeping to their roots shows that although it’s a different language you can still be captivated by the music and that hearing it is just as deep as understanding.  Everyone should pick up Guten Tag because in all honesty it was simply incredible.

Track List: 


Guten Tag*

Frei Wie Der Wind*

Was Nicht Darf

Blut Und Feuer*



A Thousand Eyes

Wieder Mal Verloren**

Gedanke Und Erinnerung*




 *(personal picks)


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