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The Metal Queen DORO talked to The Age Of Metal



Some bands, artists, entertainers and industries come and go with the time, others remain strong and current for many years and even decades. That is the case of ‘The Metal Queen’ Doro Pesch.

Her career took off during the 80’s as she was the vocalist of the legendary German heavy metal band Warlock, with them she toured the world with the likes of Metallica, Dio and Motorhead. Later on and after the disbanding of Warlock in the late 80’s, she decided to pursue her solo career that made it one of the most charismatic and loved woman in metal. She has become the inspiration and role model for many women that decided to break into the metal scene, whether as a fan, in a band or in the music industry, Doro has been their inspiration and example of success.

Doro closed her 2013 North American tour supporting her new album Raise Your Fist last Saturday with a packed show at Rocky Point Cantina in Tempe, AZ. Her set list that night was very diverse, from her early Warlock material (Burning The Witches, I Rule The Ruins, Metal Raiser, All We Are and Earthshaker Rock) to her new material (Hero, Raise Your Fist In The Air) some jewels from the past (Unholy Love, Love Me in Black) and an awesome Judas Priest‘s cover of Breaking The Law.

The Age Of Metal was lucky enough to speak with Doro after her show In Tempe, AZ. We talked about the tour, her new album, her 30th year anniversary, and much more.


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