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The Agonist – Prisoners (2012)


After being on the road for almost a year and a half sharing stages with bands like Kamelot, Alestorm & Blackguard during fall last year, and with Kittie this past spring. The Agonist is ready to release their third studio album Prisoners. After two years in the making they are breaking apart from their previous album Lullabies for the Dormant Mind (2009) in a sense. The Agonist on this album presents an evolved sound with sharp guitars, crushing drums, and a more empowered Alissa White-Gluz on vocals.

Prisoners opens with You’re Coming With Me a powerful and fast paced song that let clear the intention of the album, kick your ass into oblivion. The Escape is a well-known song by now, as the band released an EP that they sold on the road during the Kamelot tour that was the first taste of what Prisoners would become, the song itself is a mixture of growling and clean vocals giving it a  unique touch of aggression. Predator & Prayer is my favorite song out of the album, the perfect combination of melody, speed and a great guitar work. Anxious Darwinians are a good example of how this band revamped their sound so much, but keeping up their roots on heavy and death metal.

Panophobia, is one of the heaviest songs of the album a great candidate for the mosh pit. Ideomotor, is the first single out of the album, and a really balanced song that showcase the elements that The Agonist have created during the last two years, really solid guitar work and vocal diversity. Lonely Solipsist and Dead Ocean, are a couple of songs that represent the evolution on The Agonist‘s music based on the sound that the band developed on Lullabies. Mass Of The Earth and Everybody Wants You (dead), are songs that challenged the band musically, very progressive and very technical at the same time, is a battle between the instruments and the vocals which are the perfect formula for this album to work the way it does.

Prisoners lyrically speaking is full of messages against animal cruelty, and the reality of our world, as vocalist Allisa White-Gluz is very in touch with such matters, as she explained to us in a recent interviewThe Agonist on this album steps on a new direction, is not melodic death metal, is not metalcore. Is a mixture between heavy, death & progressive metal with hints of technical metal and an ounce of metalcore. It can’t be defined, is just there to be enjoyed it and head bang to the songs featured on it.


01. You’re Coming With Me
02. The Escape
03. Predator & Prayer
04. Anxious Darwinians
05. Panophobia
06. Ideomotor
07. Lonely Solipsist
08. Dead Ocean
09. The Mass Of The Earth
10. Everybody Wants You (Dead)
11. Revenge Of The Dadaists


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