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The Age Of Metal Top 5 Albums of 2012



For the first time in our little history as a metal webzine, We came out with a general top 5 best album of the year regardless the different metal taste of our writers, it were some records we enjoyed as a whole. So after looking at some albums featured on the top 10 lists by our different writers, we decided to joined on a small general list. Here are our top 5 albums of 2012:


#5  Napalm DeathUtilitarian

After being featured as #1 on Corri‘s list, she described it as: “The entire album is solid and diverse, filled with a very real and in your face kind of energy with everything from the freakouts on ‘Everyday Pox’ to the psychedelic guitar and wailing vocals on ‘Leper Colony’.” Also Jonathan mentioned the album as: “This album’s topped their earliest works, which is interesting because Time Waits for No Slave did the exact same thing only three years ago. Songs like “Quarantined” are going to stand the test of time with their other tracks, while songs like “The Wolf I Feed” show the band going in a natural direction yet sounding entirely different.” So we just had to agree and give Napalm Death‘s Utilitarian the spot that they deserved on our best of 2012


#4  Pig DestroyerBook Burner

This album was an odd surprise among the lists from our writers, as Jonathan put it as #6 on his list, describing it as: Pig Destroyer is still at the top of their game. Scott Hull write the best grind and they don’t even need a bassist to do it. JR Hayes writes the most cleverly tortured lyrics this side of Sperm Swamp.” On the other side Corri put it on similar position as #7 and added: Pig Destroyer. Book Burner has a beat it down and fuck it all up attitude that will not be denied. Songs like ‘The Bug’ make you wanna freak. Kick something over at the very least.” That plus the album got some votes on our Facebook Poll at the time to decided which album would get a spot on the top 5 albums of 2012.


#3  EnslavedRIITIIR

Enslaved‘s RIITIIR got really popular among our writers really quick, considering that Cassidy & Maddie wrote almost an essay about the record and was featured on their respective lists for the best of 2012. Cassidy described her experience with the record as: “I was astounded at how good the album was….it’s so easy to catch yourself singing along to it (even if you can’t sing to save your life) as it envelops you in the riffs and alternating vocals”, while Maddie put it as #2 on her list, adding: “I LOVE ENSLAVED. I just cannot get enough of them, everything they do is fantastic; especially this album. When listening to it, I can just feel the passion they have for their music, the power in the vocals/instruments and it’s amazing how the lyrics are suited to the actual sound.” Jonathan also put the album as #2 place of his list of the year, adding that: “I didn’t expect them to knock it out of this park with their strongest, most varied record yet. This record has everything: from the heaviness of “Roots of the Mountain” to the absolute gorgeousness and total left field closer that is “Forsaken”, the best song with that title since Katatonia.” Again, with a big push by people on our Facebook Poll, we put the album on our top 5 picks of the year.


#2  WintersunTime I

After an agonizing wait of almost 6 years, Time I by Wintersun saw the light of day last October and the wait was indeed worth it (Necrophagist‘s fans don’t give up on your wait). Time I appeared on Jackie‘s list as #1 and she described it as: “From incredible instrumental songs to some of the most beautiful vocals and rifts I have ever heard. This is only the first half of the album that was broken up into two pieces. Just to think that there will be a second release sends chills down my spine.” Time I also took me by surprise on how good it was, and how powerful and beautifully it was put together. How else can I describe Time I, if not as one of the most epic albums I ever listened to. The production, the orchestrations, and the performances are just amazing. Indeed the album took a good deal of time to be finished, but the results are beyond expectations. This album got a huge response by people via the survey, that tops its closest rival RIITIR.


#1  KreatorPhantom Antichrist

Finally an album that was a surprise for me, seeing that it was to be found in different lists other than just my own. Kreator‘s Phantom Antichrist is just such of powerful thrash metal album that it seems was on heavy rotation in our mp3 players this year. Cassidy put the album as high as #2 on her list, adding that: “You get the sound that you automatically know comes with Kreator, without a massive rerelease of everything they’ve done in the past. It’s not just because it’s a release from Kreator that you like it, it’s the kind of album that would turn first time listeners into fans. All the riffs correlate into multiple minute long masterpieces”. While on the other hand Jackie register the album as #4 and described it as: “This album was incredibly vicious and sick as ever. Mille’s voice is still great today as it was in the 80′s”. This album also made it to Corri‘s list and she described it as: “It’s difficult not getting a wicked case of whiplash while listening to Phantom Antichrist. It SHREDS. Every second. Experiments are in the past and this reminds us of what KREATOR is, this is complete and total no bullshit thrash”. I did my share too, as I was overwhelmed at how good the album was. Phantom Antichrist is just pure unadulterated thrash metal. From beginning to end, this album will make you head bang non stop, and mosh without control. With that, we decided that this album deserved the #1 place as best album of 2012.


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