Aug 31

Textures – Dualism (2011)


Hailing from The Netherlands, Textures have crafted a vastly creative album with Dualism, their fourth studio work. Since the release of their first album, Polars in 2003, the band has toured in Europe with Arch Enemy and All That Remains, as well as playing twice in India. Dualism is the band’s first album with new vocalist Daniel de Jongh and keyboardist Uri Dijk.

The band handled production on the album, and the finished product is very crisp sounding. No one instrument overpowers the others, allowing the many different pieces of their music to mesh perfectly. Daniel de Jongh’s clean vocals are incredibly wide-ranging, and they seem to be his forte on Dualism. He more frequently uses a variety of deep, intense growls that are equally as varied. The tracks on this album flow together perfectly, cresting with multi-layered guitar & beautiful clean vocals, then crashing back down to wonderfully technical progressive riffs.

Some of the best tracks on the album are: ‘Reaching Home’, perhaps the best example of de Jongh’s fantastic vocals, the track has a catchy chorus. ‘Foreclosure’ has a huge sound, it’s very open and airy. The closing track, ‘Sketches from a Motionless Statue’, has some of the best guitar work of the album and has a nicely rollicking chorus & plenty of time changes that close out the album well.

The album comes out Sept. 27th in the US. Check them out on their first-ever US tour with Periphery, The Contortionist, and The Human Abstract. Here is a link to tour dates:

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