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Aug 03

Jay Evans of Ingested discussed new music at Summer Slaughter Tour

One of the bands I was looking most forward to seeing at Summer Slaughter was Ingested. This is a modern death metal band I grew to appreciate, and I only heard great things about their live set. It was their first time playing in Tampa, so this show was gargantuan for them. And even as …

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Jul 28

David Davidson of Revocation discusses Great Is Our Sin at the Summer Slaughter Tour

Revocation is a band that changes dramatically with each album. This is a band that’s relatively new in their careers, yet has created a legacy behind their ever fluctuating sound. Whether it’s with talent or force, Revocation is the band that stands out the most in modern day metal. Use Facebook to Comment on this …

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Jun 07

James Genez of Jungle Rot discusses Metal Alliance Tour and Touring

With how heavy Jungle Rot is, you’ll never guess this band was formed in Kenosha, Wisconsin. But with a hefty discography and years of touring, this band sits right up there with all of the extreme metal legends. While performing at Metal Alliance 2016, their response was one of the best for the tour. Use …

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May 30

Trey Williams of Dying Fetus discusses Metal Alliance Tour and new music.

Dying Fetus is the one band who has remained true to the underground death metal scene. This band influences countless death metal bands. And with that being said, no band has the speed and strength that Dying Fetus possesses. Dying Fetus proves their “Stop at Nothing” legacy — that has lasted over twenty years — …

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May 20

Doll Skin discussed the generation doom tour and In Your Face Again

When you were in high school, were you signed to a major label and went on national tours? Well, that’s the life the ladies of Doll Skin are leading. And their age is one of the many factors that is eye-catching about this band. Discovered by Megadeth’s Dave Ellefson just a couple of years ago, …

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Apr 29

Fallujah discusses Touring and the Dreamless Scavenger Hunt

Metal fans are fortunate because they’re experiencing the growth of a young band. Fallujah just started their uphill climb as a professional band, but these five young men have been working toward this for the past ten years. And their third full-length album Dreamless embodies the discoveries they’re making as a band.  Use Facebook to …

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Mar 24

Doro Peach speaks about Tour, New Music and being the Metal Queen

Doro Pesch has a music career spanning over thirty years, which is more than most people can say. And from someone who still records and tours frequently, it’s no wonder why Doro has become one of the most legendary figures in metal. Use Facebook to Comment on this Post

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Feb 28

Marty Friedman discussed the Inferno World Tour

In 2015 alone, Marty Friedman has extended his music to the edge. For it being his first time playing his solo material in North America, fans finally had a taste of his guitar work that has been put off too long. Now 2016 is here, and the Inferno world tour has reached every corner of …

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Dec 21

Ryan Knight of The Black Dahlia Murder discusses Abysmal and Touring

I can’t count how many times I’ve seen The Black Dahlia Murder live, but each time I see them is better than the last. At The Orpheum on December 12 this band successfully seized Tampa, Florida — even while playing in the midst of a holiday parade. Use Facebook to Comment on this Post

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Dec 04

Sakis Tolis of Rotting Christ discusses being on the Route of Hell and their new album Rituals

The Black Metal Warfare Pt. II proved to be the route of Hell, but Rotting Christ proved to be superior. This act came all the way from Greece to deliver their material to America and prevailed. Even being the tour openers, this band immediately fumed the stage; their presence bearing amongst the masses as the …

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Dec 01

Hate Eternal at State Theater St. Petersburg, FL (11/24/15)

To say that Hate Eternal is a good live band is an understatement. With a fifteen year existence, this beast curled its claws around St. Petersburg, Florida. On November 24 State Theater hosted this intense performance. While their material is aggressive on recording, when it’s played live it truly bites into flesh; every note pounds …

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