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Mar 14

Rob ‘The Witch’ of Necronomicon talks gear, touring and new material

Around this time last year, Canadian Black Metal outfit Necronomicon was releasing their fifth studio album. Advent of The Human God via Season of Mist Records, an advance of what we would experience months later when they toured the US with Rotting Christ and Carach Angren. We talked recently to Rob ‘The Witch’, vocalist and guitar …

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Mar 09

Danny Marino of The Agonist discussed life on the road and the new album Five.

Canadian metal act The Agonist, recently finished a long tour in the US as a support for DevilDriver and Death Angel. The tour was the second tour the band did in over a year as part of the support for their new album Five. They stop in Mesa, AZ last week, where we had the …

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Mar 06

Dean & Tobi of Archspire discussed tech death metal at NAMM 2017

Canadian Tech Death Metal act Archspire is currently getting ready to tour the US along with Arkaik before they release their as-yet-untiled new album. Archspire toured the US last year before going into Flatline Audio studios in August with producer Dave Otero (Cattle Decapitation, Nightbringer Cephalic Carnage) to record the new album. Use Facebook to Comment …

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Sep 09

Annihilator – Suicide Society (2015)

Suicide Society may be the end of life as we know it. Or maybe not, since Annihilator found a way to keep humanity going with fifteen albums! With a band that truly has the power of the world in their hands, this band has proved to be the fiercest force the world has ever seen. …

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Aug 26

Death metal superband Akurion speaks to The Age of Metal about the band formation and future plans

Akurion is a new force that has already proved their might. This ravaging beast is composed of some of the most talented musicians notably known from bands such as Cryptopsy, Augury and Neuraxis. While these are all legendary bands, Akurion is its own monster that has been locked up and thirsty for blood. Anxiously awaiting …

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Aug 17

Kobra Paige of Kobra And The Lotus discussed touring & The Words Of Prophets EP

The last time I saw Kobra Paige with Kobra And The Lotus was when they played a full house at Martini Ranch opening for Amaranthe a couple of years back, their show and energy were so good live that night, that they really lighted up the place and keep the crowd warm. After that show …

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Jul 13

Matt Marinelli of Borealis discussed the ideas behind Purgatory

What started 10 years ago as a symphonic female fronted band, that later developed into a more power/progressive style with the change of vocalists. It now sees their third album become a reality, after touring with the likes of Saxon, Edguy, and now with their upcoming tour with Evergrey, Borealis‘s status as one of the …

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Jul 02

Kataklysm – Of Ghosts and Gods (2015)

If there’s one thing I can say about Kataklysm in 2015, it’s that they will prevail. Of Ghosts and Gods is by far the most impressive material I’ve heard from Kataklysm as if recently. This album contains ample amounts of ruination right next to adept composition. This is essential to listen to in 2015. Use …

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Jun 22

Borealis – Purgatory (2015)

Canadian progpower metal band Borealis has been around since 2005 with their first album released in 2008, after 10 years and 2 studio album, this band native of Ontario, Canada is releasing their third studio album, and one of the heaviest records to hit the market this year. Their style fluctuate between the influences of …

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May 26

The Age of Metal talks to Cryptopsy about The Book of Suffering: Tome 1

For anyone who’s a death metal fan, you know Cryptopsy is iconic. From their career spanning over twenty years, they originally stood out by introducing an inhuman sound that was way ahead of its time. While they continue to produce material with ample amounts of vigor and dexterity, there is one main component that claims …

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May 07

The Agonist speaks to The Age of Metal about Eye of Providence

The Agonist is the prime example of a band that has worked tooth and nail to achieve their success. This act has finally reached their peak after ten years. This band has grown into an unstoppable force, using their musical talent and an intense show to show the world they’re unforgettable. Use Facebook to Comment …

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