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Mar 23

Memoriam – For The Fallen (2017)

Death metal supergroup Memoriam is made up of Frank Healy (ex-Napalm Death), Andrew Whale (ex-Bolt Thrower), Scott Fairfax (ex-Benediction), and Karl Willetts (ex-Bolt Thrower). I know, quite a start. They’ve put out a few demos and are now releasing their first full-length March 24th via Nuclear Bast.  Use Facebook to Comment on this Post

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Mar 03

Karl Willets of Memoriam discussed band’s origin/sound and the new album For The Fallen

What do you get when members from two of the most prominent and iconic death metal bands that England have ever produced (Bolt Thrower & Benediction), get finally together to form a death metal band that has been dormant in the back of their minds for over 20 years. You get Memoriam, a modern death …

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Nov 01

Dani Filth discusses Devilment II: The Mephisto Waltzes

Witch county innovators Devilment are returning to the international spotlight with a new album titled; Devilment II: The Mephisto Waltzes. This eleven track album from which the last two songs are bonus tracks (The Seductive Poison & Father Dali) can be considered as the most dark and extreme material the band have released so far. …

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Apr 17

Iron Maiden brought the Mayan culture back to life at The Forum (Los Angeles, CA 04/15/16)

This is my 7th time seeing my favorite band live, and I was glad to come back to where I got to see them for the first time. The Forum in Los Angeles, CA in 2008. Last time I saw Iron Maiden it was at the San Bernardino show most commonly known as ‘The Battle …

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Sep 07

Iron Maiden – The Book Of Souls (2015)

Since the moment that a new Iron Maiden was announced, the whole metal world went on expectation and anxiety mode. It was the re-assurance that this band was moving forward after singer Bruce Dickinson beat cancer, because at the end of the day ‘Iron Maiden can’t be stop‘. yes a song line that became the …

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Aug 28

Steve Smyth of One Machine discussed the new album The Final Cull

One Machine was created out of the desire of guitar player Steve Smyth (ex-Vicious Rumors, Nevermore, Testament and Forbidden) to create a more organic heavy metal band rooted on the old concepts of the genre, but with a fresh attitude towards the genre itself. Their first album,The Distortion Of Lies And The Overdriven Truth, was …

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Jul 10

Cradle of Filth – Hammer of the Witches (2015)

Countless labels, 20 band members and ten studio albums later Cradle of Filth is back paired up with Nuclear Blast to release the band’s 11th full-length studio album- Hammer of the Witches.   Use Facebook to Comment on this Post

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Jun 01

Nick Holmes of Paradise Lost discussed The Plague Within

Paradise Lost is releasing their 14th studio album titled The Plague WIthin, and after 27 years of great music this English gentlemen still on top of their game, the album is a bomb of doomy, melancholic, and gothic goodness from beginning to end. The album itself reflects the band’s maturity, and at the same time it …

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May 27

Paradise Lost – The Plague Within (2015)

For the last 27 years Paradise Lost have become one of the main contributors to the gothic metal sound, they were there when all started, side by side with Type O Negative, Tiamat, Moonspell, and so on. They are the reason many of us love this genre, and embrace darkness, melancholy and sorrow just as …

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May 19

Tesseract – Scala/Odyssey ‘Live audio’ (2015)

British quintet TesseracT has been active and constantly evolving since their international break through in 2011 with their album One, they are now releasing their first live CD/DVD titled Scala/Odyssey, which basically is a trip through their two first albums. What makes this album different is not that the video portion of the album was …

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Feb 24

Venom – From the Very Depths (2015)

So the legendary fathers of the extreme metal genre are back at it again with their fourteenth full-length album, From the Very Depths.  After 36 years of line-up changes, break-ups, and a string of hit and miss releases one may be skeptical whether not Venom still has it.  To be honest , not sure if this …

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