Apr 15

Symfonia – In Paradisum (2011)



I used to think about what great musicians from different melodic power metal bands would sound together, but it seems that now such thought just materialized in the form of Symfonia, a super Scandinavian group conformed by Andre Matos (Angra,Shamman) on vocals, Timo Tolki (Stratovarius) on guitar, Uli Kusch (Helloween, Gamma Ray) on drums, Jari Kainulainen (Stratovarius, Evergrey) on Bass Guitar, and Mikko Harkin (Sonata Arctica) on keyboards, with this lineup of luxury, they begun to work in what it is their first album titled In Paradisum.

The album presents a classic melodic power metal feeling that shows the signature sound of each one of its members, that is not difficult to distinguish were they had been, is like having a smash up of really good melodies together, the guitar riffs of Tolki sync perfectly with Harkin keyboards, and are topped with the high pitch vocal of Matos, the beat structure of Kusch and Kainulainen gave every song the speed and force that it needs, the whole album is a musical experience that i personally did not experieced since long time, but with a supergroup like Symfonia you can not be wrong to find a musically and powerful experience.

power tracks : Pilgrim Road, Forevermore, Fields of Avalon, Santiago

slow tracks : Rhapsody on black, Alayna, Don’t let Me Go


01. Fields of Avalon – 5.09
02. Come by the Hills – 5.01
03. Santiago – 5.54
04. Alayna – 6.17
05. Forevermore – 5.31
06. Pilgrim Road – 3.37
07. In Paradisum – 9.35
08. Rhapsody in Black – 4.34
09. I walk in neon – 5.44
10. Don’t let me go – 3.56





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