Feb 28

Stu Block from Iced Earth Talks to The Age of Metal


When I first heard that Stu Block was recruited into Iced Earth, I was shocked and confused, not because Stu Block is an awful vocalist (far from it), but I couldn’t think of anyone that could take Matt Barlow’s place.

Ladies and gentlemen, let me assure you that after seeing Iced Earth in Los Angeles, you have nothing to worry about.

Stu Block really knocked it out of the park in this show. Not only did he sing the songs he wrote on Dystopia perfectly (Dystopia, Anthem, Dark City, V, Days of Rage were all played, and all were great), but he knocked out all of the Matt Barlow-era tracks and made them his own. Even the one Ripper-era track that was played, Declaration Day, he did great on. Also, Dante’s Inferno has never sounded more sinister.

I had the privilege of speaking with Mr. Block on the challenges of adapting to the Barlow and Ripper parts, Dystopia, singing lessons, and much more.


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