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Stefan Schmidt of Van Canto checks in with The Age Of Metal


Have you ever imagine power metal without guitars, bass guitar or keyboards? Well we can say that it is possible and it is being done by German ” A Capella” metal band Van Canto, founded in 2005 with the concept of use the voice to replace the guitar, bass guitar and keyboards. In 2007 The band recorded their first album A Storm To Come in, by 2008 Van Canto was playing Wacken Open Air, and was becoming an international sensation because their peculiar way to make music. Releasing their  second album Hero right after the festival,  the Rakka -Takka sound was born, by 2009 the band releases their third album Tribe Of Force, an album that included guesses like Tony Kakko (Sonata Arctica), Victor Smolski (Rage) and Chris Boltendahl (Grave Digger).

Van Canto announced the release of their new album Break the Silence on September 2011. The Age Of Metal had the chance to talk with Stephan Schmidt (lower rakkatakka vocals & wahwah solo guitar vocals) about the band, their sound, the upcoming album and their touring plans. This is what he told us:

You are the only “a cappella metal” in the world, how the idea of form a band like that came from?

How is the composing and production process of a Van Canto song?

Could you improvise something for us, like a piece of a song or something?

What can you tell us about your upcoming new album “Break The Silence”?

What is the difference between Tribe Of Force and Break The Silence?

Break The Silence also features the first song in german that the band have ever recorded, where the Idea for “Neuer wind” came from?

How was the experience of going back to the twilight studios?, and working with Joakim Broden of Sabaton and Marcus Siepen of Blind Guardian?

What do you take in account at the time to select a cover to arrange it to Van Canto’s style?

You will be taking part in the Out Of The Dark Tour 2011, with Tristania, Serenity, Xandria and Amberian Dawn. What are your expectatives of that tour, and what the fans can expect in a Van Canto show?

Are there any plans to tour the US?

What is next on Van Canto’s career?








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