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Southwest Terror Fest featured band: Powdered Wig Machine


The Southwest Terror Fest is a two-day festival covering the best of Arizona’s metal scene with some of the best bands from the underground playing in an intimate setting over two days in Tucson, AZ. The Age of Metal is partnering with the folks from The Southwest Terror Fest to give you a primer of all of the bands playing. Today we look at desert rock band Powdered Wig Machine

Band Name: Powdered Wig Machine

Where are you from?

We live in a town an hour south of Tucson near the legandary town of Tombstone called, Sierra Vista

What do you sound like?

We are a Stoner Rock band with elements of Classic Rock. We take alot of our influences from bands like Queens of the Stone Age, Clutch, Red Fang, AC/DC and Danzig

How did you get involved with Southwest Terror Fest?

Our good friend David Rodgers from Godhunter approached  us about playing in a massive festival in Tucson. He said the PBR would flow like wine, facemelting, and riffs so good you could eat them on a Hoagie…..so we agreed

What do you think of Arizona’s metal crowd in general?

The Arizona Metal scene is real close-knit. We have some of the same fans and generally we support each other. Working together we have found we can acomplish so much more…..SWTF case in point!

What’s the most ridiculous thing that’s happened to your band?

We first broke in playing house parties as PWM. At one of those parties we played on the roof of a co-greek frat party in Tucson. The UofA foot ball players helped us get our heavy amps on the roof and we played very LOUD for about 40 mins before we were surrounded by about a half dozen of Tucson finest… Epic night. to this day one of the largest crowds we have played in front of

How has your sound changed over time?

Our sound over the years has gotten more refined and alot  Fuzzer! hahah partly because I started building my own fuzz pedals and opened my own pedal company called Zombie Effects Lab.

What’s the one thing you’re looking forward to the most at the fest?

One thing i am looking forward is seeing all of my friends in other bands from all over the state…

What band do you recommend seeing aside from yourselves?

I recommend seeing our buds Enirva…great stoner band

Is there a place we can hear your music online?

you can hear our music on our bandcamp or facebook

poweredwigmachine.bandcamp.com   www.facebook.com/poweredwigmachine


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