Oct 10

Seven Kingdoms – The Fire Is Mine (2012)


From the East coast of the United States comes a band that plans to challenge the direction that power metal has taken during the last decade, Natives from the realm known as Florida, Seven Kingdoms is bringing The Fire Is Mine their third studio album. A compilation of adventures involving sharp guitars, blasting drums, and the enchanting voice of Sabrina Valentine.

The album opens with the intro Beyond The Wall, a pretty cool ambient clip that it will make you feel you are in front of the black gates of Mordor, and they are about to open. After the fall is the song chosen by the band as their first video clip and single, and I get why they picked it, powerful, melodic, fast and catchy. Forever Brave is a such of great song, really melodic and the voice of Sabrina shines really bright on this track. The Flame Of Olympus, is my favorite song on the record, it has that traditional power metal speed and strong guitars and blasting drums, it reminds me at Gamma Ray’s earliest sound. Symphony Of Stars is a more galloping song, as the bass guitar has the control and is the driving force behind this song.

The title track of the album, The Fire Is Mine is a more soft song, even though it keeps the album strong shows how flexible Seven Kingdoms can be at the time to write music. Kardia, is a beautiful melodic ballad, that brings equilibrium to the album really nice guitar work and great vocal work from Sabrina Valentine. Fragile Minds Collapse, is one of the heaviest song on this record, really fast guitars and fast paced drums, I can’t imagine how fun it can be to listen this song live.

In The Twisted Twilight is the guitar song, long solos, really complex riffs, everything that is power metal almighty, a great song that compliments the intention of this album. A Debt Paid In Steel is a small dialogue that works as intro for The King In The North the last and longest song in the album, a more epic song filled with great keyboard backgrounds and a chorus that adds a special aura to the album.

Overall The Fire Is Mine is a big step forward on the history of Seven Kingdoms as they continue crafting their own sound, and trying new directions under the influence of that old school power metal. Is great to see that young bands keep that spirit alive and at the same time adding new elements to it.

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