Oct 07

Sam Dunn of Banger Films and Metal Evolution talks about Extreme Metal with The Age Of Metal


Talk about Sam Dunn & Scot McFadyen and their company Banger Films Inc is mention the history of metal music exposed not only on the big screen, but on TV as well. Banger Films Inc is responsible for Metal Evolution a 11 episode series on the history of heavy metal, that was aired on VH1 from the end of 2011 until the beginning of 2012. The 11 episodes of Metal Evolution told the story of the different genres that are part of the history of metal; Glam, Thrash, Nu, Grunge, New Wave Of British Heavy Metal, Shock Rock, Power and Progressive metal. But it was a key element missing; Extreme metal (Black, Death & Grindcore).

Because of unclear reasons, the extreme metal episode was never exposed. So the guys at Banger Films Inc came out with the initiative of doing it on their own,as they didn’t in the past with Metal A Headbangers Journey and Global Metal. So they created a campaign on IndieGoGo.com to raise $175.000 so the history of extreme metal can be revealed, they also set up pretty nice perks for those that help out with the cause. You can collaborate from Five bucks and pre-order the digital copy of The Lost Episode, $666 package gets you Banger Films’ entire DVD catalogue including Metal: A Headbanger’s Journey,Global MetalRush: Beyond The Lighted Stage and Metal Evolution, plus a personalized postcard from Sam and Scot, and the digital download link. You could be an Executive Producer for 50 grand and get an exclusive pre screen of the episode in YOUR house with Sam, Scot and 10 of your buds, Sam and Scot will bring the popcorn.

So go to http://www.indiegogo.com/ExtremeMetal and help out write the next chapter of Metal Evolution: Episode 12 “Extreme Metal”

We had the pleasure to speak with Sam Dunn about the extreme episode from the Banger Films HQ in Toronto. We talked about the circumstances, the approach to extreme metal and what bands will they cover in this episode.

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