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Sabaton – Carolus Rex (2012)


When you think about a band like Sabaton if you have listened the band before the images of battlefield, explosions and war comes to mind. Warfare has been the driving subject of the band through their music, even though the band suffered a recent line up change, and a fast recovery was on hand to continue their campaign of metal domination worldwide. This time around they left the war world subject behind to create a very own and a very personal album taking on one of the most difficult and full of warfare times. The 17th century european struggle for power and territory and the role of Sweden as a rising power at the time.

Carolus Rex tells the story of the most important figures in Swedish history starting with Gustav II Adolf The Lion Of The North who ruled between 1611 to 1632 and was responsible for the creation of the Swedish Empire and the golden age of the country. In 1631 Gustav ordered an attack on Protestant heretics in what it was the battle of Breitenfeld, the protestant infantry on this battle charged against catholic forces under the command of Gott Mit Uns (God With Us). The following two tracks A Lifetime War and 1 6 4 8 refers to the end of the thirty years’ war between Catholics and Protestants in which Sweden ended up invading The Holy Roman Empire (today’s Germany and Austria) and changing the situation for the Catholics, the war ended with the treaties of Osnabrück and Münster in 1648, that left Sweden with territories in what is today Germany.

The Carolean’s Prayer and Carolus Rex are dedicate first to the Carolean army under King Charles XII, an army with a strong discipline that used very offensive battle techniques in order of secure victory over the enemy. Carolus Rex tells the story of King Charles XII of Sweden who rose to power at age 15th and who lead the Swedish army to the conquer of Russia, but it was repeal and defeated by the Russians as referred on the song Killing Ground during the last push of the Carolean army in Poltava, that for many historians was the decline of the Swedish empire and the foundations of the Russian Empire. Long Live The King and Ruina Imperi are two renditions the first one to the death of Charles XII by a shot in the head during his last invasion to Norway, and the circumstances surrounding his death remains unclear until today. Ruina Imperi is a tribute to the Swedish Empire and to the reign of one most skilled military man during the 17th century Europe, King Charles XII.

With Carolus Rex, Sabaton tells more about their own history as Swedes in their own way. I find the record not only powerful and heavy musically speaking, and is not only because of the production done by Peter Tagtgren (Hypocrisy/Pain) on it, but with a great and complex concept like Swedish history that enhance the glory and fall of an empire that for many was unknown.

The album will be release on May 25th via Nuclear Blast in two different versions, one in English and one in Swedish, both will have a different artwork too.

Track List:

1.Dominium Maris Baltici
2.The Lion From the North
3.Gott Mit Uns
4.A Lifetime of War
5.1 6 4 8
6.The Carolean’s Prayer
7.Carolus Rex
8.Killing Ground
10.Long Live the King
11.Ruina Imperii

Genre: Power Metal

Record Label: Nuclear Blast

Playing Time: 45 Minutes

Line Up:

Joakim Brodén – Vocals
Pär Sundström – Bass
Chris Rörland – Guitars
Thobbe Englund – Guitars
Robban Bäck – Drums


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