May 21

Royal Thunder – CVI (2012)


Atlanta’s very own Royal Thunder presents their first full length album CVI (106 in roman numerals). A combination among southern rock, stoner metal and 70’s psychedelic rock. This album has the potential to contend against Graveyard‘s Hesingen Blues or Orange Goblin‘s A Eulogy For The Damned in a cage death match.

Royal Thunder‘s CVI is a roller coaster of melody and pure rock and roll, from the opening track Parzons Curse, that I am not sure has to do anything with their powerful front woman Miny Parzons, but it sounds ecliptic. Whispering World is a very 70’s song that has this Iron Butterfly vibe on it, really bright and full of nice guitar riffs. Shake And Shift is a slower song that it gets better and better as it builds up, the vocals of Parzons are amazing specially on this track. No Good is a more stoner rock kind of song that has a swing on its own, really fast and versatile.

Blue, reminds me to the opening of Innuendo by Queen, a long ass drum roll but in this case all over the place, as the drums dominate this song from beginning to end. Sleeping Witch it the most psychedelic song of the album, full of small breakout riffs that just give the right atmosphere to the music. Sound Of Somewhere, Minus and Drown have an air to Baroness/Mastodon‘s music but on Royal Thunder‘s way, is slow, depressive and powerful emotionally speaking. The album closes with Black Water Vision a ballad kind of song that let the voice of parzons explore its potential on a slow and low environment.

Overall CVI is a great first step on Royal Thunder‘s career that shows the intentions of the band’s music, and like every first album concentrate the soul and passion of a band that has a great future representing where they are coming from and the tradition that the region has built up in the last ten years.


01. Parsonz Curse
02. Whispering World
03. Shake and Shift
04. No Good
05. Blue
06. Sleeping Witch
07. South of Somewhere
08. Drown
09. Minus
10. Black Water Vision

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