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Rockstar Mayhem Festival 2012 at Ashley Furniture Home Pavillion. Phoenix, AZ (07/06/12)


Blazing sun & unbearable heat is the best way to describe the weather while Whitechapel played. But they still managed to make it brutal.  They had great energy on stage despite the immense heat. The crowd really moshed for them and they even had a guy in a wheel chair crowd surf. Now that is probably definitely a first for them.  It was awesome though, everyone made the best of it during their set and loved them.  Their set list was killer it was Possession, The Darkest Day of Man, This Is Exile, I, Dementia,Section 8, Possibilities of an Impossible Existence


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The following act on the bill was San Diego’s metalcore pioneers As I Lay Dying, the band played a great set regardless of the overwhelming Phoenix heat. Tim Lambesis and Josh Gilbert voices sounded better than ever, the band was tight, and their sound has developed more. Even the guy that crowd surf on Whitechapel did it again during As I lay Dying set (image thanks to our friend Alex Aguiar). Their performance included songs like, Condemned, An Ocean Between Us, Nothing Else, Confined, and the single Cauterized out of their upcoming album Awakened which will be released on September 25th via Metal Blade Records.

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New York thrash metal legends Anthrax where in charge of closing the Jägermeister stage at Mayhem Fest 2012, again not even the 5 pm intense Phoenix sun could not stop Scott Ian & company from giving their best to the crowd, even though the sun was on Ian‘s face the whole time. Their set was composed by Caught In A Mosh, Got The Time, Antisocial, Indians, Madhouse, and I Am The Law.


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Between doing interviews and taking pictures we missed a couple of bands, but one that we could not miss was legendary rock and roll band Motörhead. Lemmy, Phil & Mikkey opened the main stage at Mayhem Fest 2012 in front of a full house that stood up to the Phoenix heat and give it the middle finger to it. Their show was raw, fast and dirty like a respected rock and roll show must be. Motörhead played a diverse set with songs like, Bomber, Damage Case, Over The Top, The Chase Is Better Than The Catch, Killed By Death, Ace Of Space and Overkill.


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The following band was Slayer, what a mind-blowing performance.  After more than 20 years its safe to say their intensity on stage is still just as amazing as it use to be.  The crowd is still as crazy as they use to be as well.  Watching such a classic band shred the place to pieces was historical.  Their pyro was killer and added a more dramatic effect.  The pit was utter chaos as every show in Slayer history. Tons of people were crushed against the rails, security had to constantly pull crowd surfers off before they hit the floor it was a free for all a pit of death. The show can not be described in perfect detail because I don’t think anyone can recreate or even begin to explain what everyone saw during the show. Tom Araya killed it with his vocals, Kerry King is the biggest badass ever.  He shredded on his guitar like a God and made it look so simple. Gary Holt had great energy and did a good job replacing Jeff Hanneman. Finally Dave Lombardo the machine behind the band did an epic job. Too many emotions ran through everyone that night. The smell of gunpowder, adrenaline, sweat, fear and so much more swept through the air.  A unforgettable night in Metal history, memories to last a life time. Songs that will forever be burned in the minds, hearts and souls of the crowd. Their set list for the night was Disciple, War Ensemble, Die by the Sword, Hate Worldwide, Mandatory Suicide, Altar of Sacrifice, Jesus Saves, Seasons in the Abyss, Hell Awaits, Dead Skin Mask, Angel of Death, South of Heaven, Raining Blood.


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Closing the Mayhem Fest 2012 was the triumphant return to the stage of Slipknot, they had an amazing intense emotional set.  Every member gave their 100% that night it was beautiful to watch.  You could feel every member playing their best as if Paul Grey was still with them. They were crazy and wild with pyro, their keg drum that lifted up high and crazy fans screaming to the top of their lungs singing along with Cory Taylor. They killed it in every way possible and Joey Jordison stole the end of the show when his drum set lifted up in the air and spun around while he was strapped into a harness and continued to play and never missed a beat. It was the craziest thing ever.  Their set list for the night was (sic), Eyeless, Sulfur, The Blister Exists, Wait and Bleed, Before I Forget, Disasterpiece, Gently, Vermilion, Pulse of the Maggots, The Heretic Anthem, Psychosocial, Duality, Spit It Out, Encore, (515), People = Shit,Surfacing, ‘Til We Die.

Overall and despising the heat, the turnout of the festival was great a full venue, great bands, a great gathering of people and awesome performances from all the bands on the bill, hopefully next year would bring us more awesome bands to the Mayhem Fest stages all over America.

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