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Rhapsody Of Fire – From Chaos To Eternity (2011)


Once more these italian warriors under the command of Fabio Lione and Luca Turilli surprise us with the last chapter of The Dark Secret saga that is also the last saga-album of the band. Titled From Chaos To Eternity, and in which Rhapsody Of Fire again used the voice of Sir. Christopher Lee to narrate this last adventure.

The album opens with Ad Infinitum, a great soft piece that delivers that mysticism that just Sir. Christopher Lee knows how to create, follow by From Chaos To Eternity a bit progressive track that moves away from the power metal structure without losing that strength that is well know in the tradition of Rhapsody Of Fire. Tempesta Di Fuoco is an italian song very fast that fits perfectly to Fabio’s voice range and that also enhance Luca’s guitar pieces. Ghosts Of Forgotten Worlds a very powerful track that for a second bring you melodies from their third album Dawn Of Victory (2000).

Anima Perduta is a semi operatic italian ballad that shows the talent of Fabio Lione in voice that adds a sense of classical music to the album. Aeons Of Raging Darkness is a track that like the name indicates has lots of rage that is released during five minutes and forty two seconds, is also a great display of guitar work by Luca Turilli. I Belong to The Stars and Tornado are a couple of fast and melodic songs that open the path to the major piece of this album, Heroes Of The Waterfall’s King an almost 20 minute track that includes a narrative by Sir. Christopher Lee a real epic song in the line of the old medieval tales a line perfect for Rhapsody Of Fire and to the album itself. the album closes with a cover of Iron Maiden‘s Flash the Blade a great version of a great song.

Indeed From Chaos To Eternity is the end of saga style that made famous this band, but a new chapter in the history of Rhapsody Of Fire opens that would probably take us to more mythic battles for freedom and against dark evil wizards. Not in the same way that they did before but from a different perspective we hope.

Power Tracks: From Chaos To Eternity, Ghosts Of Forgotten Worlds, Aeons Of Raging Darkness, Tornado, Flash Of The Blade

Slow Tracks: Tempesta Di Fuoco, Heroes Of The Waterfalls’ Kingdom, Anima Perduta


01. Ad Infinitum
02. From Chaos To Eternity
03. Tempesta Di Fuoco
04. Ghosts Of Forgotten Worlds
05. Anima Perduta
06. Aeons Of Raging Darkness
07. I Belong To The Stars
08. Tornado
09. Heroes Of The Waterfalls’ Kingdom

I. Lo Spirito Della Foresta
II. Realm Of Sacred Waterfalls
III. Thanor’s Awakening
IV. Northern Skies Enflamed
V. The Splendour Of Angels’ Glory (A Final Revelation)

10. Flash Of The Blade (bonus track)



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