Apr 24

Paradise Lost – Tragic Idol (2012)


Back in the early 90’s was this band that during their first albums started the path of what today we know as Doom/Death Metal, then they shift to something totally new and exciting, that later would be known as Gothic Metal. Well, you can thank or blame British metallers Paradise Lost for both. during their long career the band has experimented with different sound combinations, some were hit and miss (yes, the time they sounded like Depeche Mode) and others great musical pieces (Icon, Draconian Times.)

This year Paradise Lost is back after 3 years of releasing their last opus Faith Unite Us – Death Divide Us with a new album Tragic Idol. A very heavy but melodic album full of sorrow and pain lyrics. The album opens with Solitary One a song that features a great guitar work very heavy that it might just carried Greg Mackintosh’s style from his time with Vallenfyre. Crucify is a heavy song in which the voice of Nick Holmes will let you feel his pain about the subject of the song. Fear Of Impending Hell is a more doomy/gothic song, very depressive, dark and fast. Honestly Of Death is the first single of the album, and by far my favorite out of it. Really melodic, with great lyric content and an awesome video clip.

Theories From Another World and To The Darkness are a couple of song filled up with a lot of different guitar riffs, very versatile that adds sophistication to the album. Tragic Idol and Worth Fighting For are the very essence and soul of the album, that traditional and unique sound that as soon you listen to it, you recognize is a Paradise Lost song, doomy, dark, and heavy as hell. In This Dwell is a more progressive song that features heavy guitars and complex drums. And as the name indicates The Glorious End is an excellent song that close up the album and pretty much resumes what Paradise did on this album, move forward the doom/gothic concept to a higher level.

What Paradise Lost pretends with Tragic Idol is move towards a darker direction without leaving their own sound. But besides and evolution that start by going back to basics, as was mention by Greg Mackintosh when We talked to him (Here) is a trip back to the past of the band to create their next chapter.


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