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Nightwish – Élan [Single] (2014)


Nightwish - êlan - Artwork

Nightwish‘s new single Élan out of their upcoming album Endeless Forms Most Beautiful was OFFICIALLY released a couple of days ago, since some of this material was leaked early this week, and it seems it passed misleading judgement by fans, media and haters alike (Since we all can tell the full extension of an album by only listening to a leaked track, right?). The point of this short writing is to expand on what Élan reflects from Endeless Forms Most Beautiful, which is very little actually, but it leave us with some sort of idea of what the album is going to be.

The four track single opens with the original version of Élan, and it definitely carries that intensity and sweet melody that only Troy Donockley can delivered with his pipes and wind instrument sounds and had formed part of the sound of Nightwish since their latest album Imaginarium. Now, yes there is something different. The drums on the album it seems to have lost a bit of texture and maybe sound a bit quiet and lost within the mix, I considered Kai Hahto (Wintersun) a great drummer, on studio and live, but I most said that you can notice the absence of Jukka Nevalainen on drums, it’s like the song is missing a bit of spark.

The second track is Sagan, an interesting song quite atmospheric and filled with texture that is paired up nicely with the voice of Floor Jansen that at times flirts here and there with Troy‘s wind instruments. Her voice is quite sweet and soft, not going too high, not too low, just perfect for what the song requires. Now for those thinking that just because she is in the band and is not singing epic operatic style on this SINGLE, that doesn’t mean that she didn’t do it on the rest of the album not that she did it. Remember this is just the first SINGLE, and is used only to showcase a bit of the album, and to test people reactions, and it does not reflects on the whole album, we shall wait until the end of March to see what the album contains.

The single also includes an alternative and a radio versions of Élan, that shows a sense of how flexible that song is, actually the alternative version is quite somber than the original or the radio version. So far looks good, keeps up with the musical style the band had on Imaginarium, and Floor‘s vocals are fresh, and somehow different to what she had done on After Forever and Revamp.

Nightwish new album Endless Forms Most Beautiful, will be out on March 27th (EU), 30th (UK) and 31st (US).



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