Apr 10

NE OBLIVISCARIS release guitar play-through of “Pyrrhic”


Benjamin Baret, the guitarist of Australian progressive metal visionaries NE OBLIVISCARIS has released a new guitar play-through video for the track “Pyrrhic”. The multi-cam video is streaming now at Prog.

Regarding the track, Benjamin Baret comments: “The riffs for that song are inspired by the great Göteborg scene of the late 90′, with a more modern twist to it, the harmonized guitar part relies on a descending chromatic pattern which gives the main riff its flavor. The break is a classical music inspired moment, the chord positions are very piano-like which is something i love to do because it allows me to approach chord progressions in a fresher way, come with me off the beaten path!

“Pyrrhic” is taken from NE OBLIVISCARIS’ newest album, ‘Citadel’. T he album, which has been called “a game changer” (Sputnik Music), and “complex, mind-bending metal” (Decibel Magazine) is streaming here.

NE OBLIVISCARIS recently re-issued their early EPs ‘Sarabande to Nihil’ and ‘Hiraeth’ for free via their Patreon campaign. The band are offering the EPs exclusively via their “Ne Obluminati” fanclub program here.

These out of print EPs feature re-recorded tracks from the band’s early years and the ‘Portal of I’ era. They initially sold out in 2014 and have been out of print ever since. There are no plans to release these in any other format, so participating in this pledge drive is the only chance to hear these very special recordings.

NE OBLIVISCARIS vocalist and founding member Tim Charles discusses the campaign at greater length here.

The artwork and tracklist for ‘Sarabande to Nihil’ and ‘Hiraeth’ can be found below:

Track List:
1. Upon the Tongue of Eloquence
2. When the Black Hands Dance
3. All the Scarlet Tears

Track list:
1. Within the Chamber of Stars
2. Felo de Se
3. Beyond the Hourglass

The EPs are available here: www.patreon.com/neobliviscaris

Patreon subscribers will also receive a host of additional content based upon membership levels, including tutorials, merch discounts, behind the scenes videos, VIP access at shows, exclusive demos of new songs, live chats with the band, interviews, and more.

Regarding the campaign, the band comments, “Should you want to take part, you can change your pledge up & down month to month as your personal finances permit. All we are asking is that if you love our music, get involved, pledge via Patreon, get loads of stuff from us in return and help us make our dream of doing this band for a living a reality!”

NE OBLIVISCARIS  news and updates will be made available through the Season of Mist website, the NE OBLIVISCARIS  Facebook page.

Top Photo by Heiner Bach Photography

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