Mar 16

Nathan & Jordan of Final Drive discussed their new album Dig Deeper


There is not doubt that bands like Pantera and Slayer are two of the biggest influences in American metal during the last 10 to 15 years, and even before that. St. Louis, Missouri’s very own Final Drive is a living example of that influence. Created in 2002, the band has developed their own version of American metal branded as Southern Groove Thrash Metal, and while this description points to a very specific genre, their music is a fistful of influences from all over the place. 

Final Drive was born in 2002 and from then on have developed their very own sound based on Pantera‘s and Slayer‘s teachings, fast riffs, blasting drum beats and an upfront attitude. Since 2004 they have independently released five studio albums with the most recent one released last month. 

The new album titled Dig Deeper has proved to have a solid start as it was ranked #19 on the Hard Rock Billboard charts and #49 on the Billboard’s Independent chart a week after the album’s release. In the touring side, Final Drive had toured with bands like All Hail the Yeti, Extinction A.D. and Mobile Deathcamp.

During NAMM 2017, we got the chance to talk with Nathan Easter (guitars) and Jordan Gaw (vocals). We talked about the band’s origin, Dig Deeper, what Southern Groove Thrash Metal is all about, and what is next for the band.

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