Mar 16

Naglfar – Téras (2012)


The Swedish Black Metal Band Naglfar is back after their long absence with their new release Téras.  The bands previous album was “Harvest”  which was back in 2007.  This is the now 3 piece band’s 6th studio album will be released through Century Media.  The band has undergone line up changes and ensures that every member is very dedicated to band.  Current line up is Kristoffer W. Olivius – Vocals, Marcus E. Norman – Guitar, Andreas Nilsson – Guitar with a session drummer used on the album.

The first titled track off the album Téras has a very beautiful introduction.  The song is very classic sounding melodic black metal.  Everything about the song is very soothing but yet dark.  Pale Horse is a faster track on the album with great blast beats, guitars and then jumps into singer Kristoffer W. Olivius screaming vocals.  III: Death Dimension Phantasma is a song that will send you into another dimension; the guitar rifts in the song are utterly amazing.  The fourth track off the album The Monolith  is a song that transcends a somber atmosphere.  An Extension Of His Arm And Will is probably my favorite song off the album.  After listening to the tracks previous, you can tell this song has more intense mystical energy.  Love the catchy guitar rifts and vocals.  Kristoffer changed up his voice in parts of the song and it really fit in well. It is a very distinct song off the album.

Bring Out Your Dead has an upbeat tempo that will get most people’s attention and have you constantly chanting Bring out your dead.  Come Perdition is noting more but grim and wicked.  Its fast paced and has a sinister vibe.  Invoc(H)ate starts off in your face and doesn’t stop its intensity until the end.  The last song off the album The Dying Flame Of Existence has a very pretty guitar rift that’s very quiet but constantly playing in the background sounding very evil but yet subtle.  Then the song slowly fades away and the album comes to an end.

 Naglfar’s new album Teras is very beautiful dark atmospheric black metal.  After being away so long and under going band changes they haven’t lost their touch.  Every song had very gloomy over casting energy which had the most amazing guitar rifts ever  (Marcus E. Norman & Andreas Nilsson really out did themselves) with complementing vocals.  You can really feel and hear the time and energy the band put into making this.  Although it took them a few years to give us fans a new album I think it was worth the wait.

Track list (*personal picks)

1. Téras
2. Pale Horse*
3. III: Death Dimension Phantasma
4. The Monolith
5. An Extension Of His Arm And Will**
6. Bring Out Your Dead
7. Come Perdition
8. Invoc(H)ate*
9. The Dying Flame Of Existence

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