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Mortillery – Murder Death Kill (2012)


Every town has those local bands who have been around since the wheel was invented, barely do anything, then complain about not achieving fame and fortune. In the course of under 4 years, Mortillery has gone from being an average garage band, to signing to a world renowned label. The band released their debut album Murder Death Kill, and during the same month, entered the studio to record their second album. Their steady stream of shows  with bands such as Anvil, Death Angel, and Toxic Holocaust only magnifies the apparent determination of the band, and is a spirit that seems so similar to what started the Bay Area scene.

Murder Death Kill starts with an onslaught of pure Thrash Metal. Starting with a pick slide and sirens, it sounds like a warzone. Like most bands in the genre, Mortillery is made up of twin guitars, finger shredding solos, fast drums, and intense vocals with lyrics you would never find in a pop song. Track 2, Sacrifice, shows no sign of slowing down…Cara McCuthcen’s vocals suit the music perfectly, and deliver the same ferocity as any male vocalist, so well that even someone who wasn’t a big fan of female vocals (myself) can’t deny it. A heavy riff and her scream marks the beginning of the song, increasing in speed and intensity as it goes along.

One thing about Mortillery that is refreshing, is their use of heavy riffs without the need for excess distortion. Although the genre the band falls into is well defined, the Heavy Metal influence is easy to tell, and only enhances the sound of the album even more. Evil Remains is the third track off of the album and is a short, almost 3 minute rush of pure adrenaline!

Fritzl’s Cellar begins with a spoken voice, the guilty verdict to a criminal who has committed iniquitous crimes, and a guitar solo following. Like the rest of the album, the 5th and 6th songs Outbreak and Despied By Blood deliver with crushing riffs and vocals thats highlight the songs from the rest, without changing the overall sound of the album.

Countless Suicide magnifies Cara’s ability as a vocalist, with slightly overlaying vocal tracks, and a more sinister approach to recording. Voracious Undead is a tiny change of pace, starting out slower than any of the other songs so far, while still being fast and aggressive. Once again, the vocals and guitar work are completely crushing, with a distinctive bass. Without Weapons and Mortal Artillery close the album on a strong note, completing the album with no ballads and no overly “clean” vocals. If someone is looking for a new band to listen to that is fierce, and consistent but not repetitive, then Mortillery certainly fits the bill.

If Mortillery’s 2nd album is anything like their debut, I can put my hopes on seeing Mortillery for a US tour in the future.

Track Listing:

Murder Death Kill
Evil Remains
Fritzl’s Cellar
Despised by Blood
Countless Suicide
Voracious Undead
Without Weapons
Mortal Artillery


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