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Moonspell – Alpha Noir (2012)


Pioneer’s of Gothic Metal Moonspell is back with their latest album Alpha Noir (Napalm Records).  Fans have been waiting in anticipation for the newest album after their last release Night Eternal (2008) was such a great success.  Alpha Noir is the bands newest masterpiece which show cases their talent, amazing writing skills, their development as a band over the years and goes to show they still got it.  Moonspell has been around since the 90’s and has stayed strong in the scene ever since.  After line up changes throughout the years and other obstacles the band has remained solid over time.  They have come a long way since their early days and have a large fan base.  Everyone can recognize them as a heavy major important band in the gothic metal scene.  This amazing band is fronted by Fernando, Mike, Pedro & Ricardo.

Axis Mundi the first track off the album is a very heavy right from the start. The song begins with deep harsh vocals later followed by Fernando’s infamous amazing voice.  The chorus has a very intense sound which makes you really get into the song. Lickanthrope is an amazing song & the music video for it was great.  Moonspell really knows how to portray dark ambient music, the idea in the video was very grim.  Loved the concept with the werewolf & the unexpecting ending.  Versus has very descriptive lyrics that paint a vivid picture accompanied by a great drum beat & guitar rifts make this song a head banging favorite.  Personally loved how the song ends in such a delicate manner it was a very pretty ending.  Alpha Noir the titled track off the album really displays Moonspell‘s unique style and sound by incorporating lots of different musical elements.  The song had a wide-spread of different vocal ranges, guitar skills & drum beats.

En Nome Do Medo has a very groovy bass line intro, followed by Fernando’s magnificent voice.  The song has an amazing very low guitar rift that really captures you & it’s especially stands out during the chorus.  The song has such a dark atmosphere to it.  At about 2 min 40 seconds this beautiful guitar solo will blow your mind.  Absolutely loved how everything intertwine’s so smoothly to create the greatest deep emotion filled most beautiful song off the album.  Opera Carne & Love is Blasphemy really brings the metal with a killer guitar rift intros.  The songs are different then the rest on the album but show bands versatility.  Grand Stand is a phenomenal song!  The whole feel of the song is very enchanting.  Everything about it is very powerful from vocals, to guitars, bass & drums.  This track is remarkable the over all sensation of it will give you the chills.  Its one of those songs you can’t describe only listening to it will make you feel what I felt when you hear it.  The last song off the album Sine Missione is all instrumental.  It’s very dark and somber that leaves you pondering about what you just heard.

Alpha Noir in reality really is a masterpiece.  After waiting for about 4 years its safe to say it was well worth it.  Every song on the album is pure magic.  Moonspell really put a lot of effort into the album and it is very visible when you listen to it.  Looking back at their discography every album they have ever released they make sure to always stick to their roots and create dark atmospheres.  This album is a mixture and progression of their sound over the years.  They have really evolved over the course of time and this proves why they are so influential and such a big significant grand band in the gothic metal scene.  Moonspell fans NEED to get this album as soon as it comes out so they too can fall in love with it.

A couple weeks ago we had Fernando talking to us about the new album and the concept of it, check it out here.

Track List (personal picks*)

1. Axis Mundi
2. Lickanthrope*
3. Versus
4. Alpha Noir*
5. En Nome Do Medo***
6. Opera Carne*
7. Love is Blasphemy
8. Grand Stand*
9. Sine Missione


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