Jul 30

Matt Harvey of Exhumed talked with The Age Of Metal


With a history riddled with a laundry list of former members, long gaps between releases and hiatuses, a rational person wouldn’t bet on Exhumed being the success it is today. Although you won’t hear any of their songs being played as background music while you shop at Walmart or eat at a restaurant, they’re the kind of band a kid would want to see so bad that they’d sneak out, be grounded until college, and say it was worth it*. Since their creation in 1990, Exhumed has taken off to tour in many foreign countries, sell thousands albums, and all the while staying true to their influences and fans.

It was more than a pleasure to speak to Matt Harvey guitar player of the band during the Summer Slaughter Tour’s stop here in Scottsdale, Arizona, where we got to discuss his role in the Death To All Tour 2012, Bud Burke’s return to the band, touring life, and a funny road story.

*The Age of Metal does not condone or encourage running away to see Exhumed

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