Dec 11

Masha of Arkona checked in with The Age Of Metal



When I received the news that Russian pagan metal band Arkona was confirmed to tour the United States for first time supporting Korpiklaani, I knew I can’t miss them. So the past Thursday they played at The Clubhouse in Tempe,AZ. Their set was composed for songs out of their last two releases Goi Rode Goi & Slovo. So watching the band perform tracks like Arkaim, Zakliatie, Yarilo,Goi Rode Goi and Stenka na Stenku on which Masha singer of Arkona asked the crowd to divide the room in two for a wall of death (which is what the song literally means) the room of The Clubhouse went nuts with a massive moshpit, clear response of the crowd to her petition.


The band was amazing and the energy and charisma of Masha on stage was sublime, I could not expect nothing better that what was delivered that night, pure pagan metal at it’s best delivered by one of the most respectable bands on the genre.

Previous to the show I had the chance to speak with Masha about the album, the writing process, the inspiration behind the lyrics and the future plans of the band. the interview was done with the help of one of the crew members of the band that served as translator because Masha doesn’t speak english.

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