May 01

Marios Iliopoulos of Nightrage discussed the new album The Venomous


Greek/Swedish melodic death metal veterans Nightrage are back with a new album. The Venomous which was released last month, this new album reflects the consolidating moment that the band is living right now. With a strong lineup, Nightrage shows that they are here to stay and to bring a heavier side to the Melodic Death metal genre. 

The Venomous is a different kind of Melodic Death metal album, as the band experiments with a blackened and death metal sounds which result are a heavier and a darker approach to some of the songs without compromising the style that Nightrage has developed throughout their career.

Songs like, In Abhorrence, Bemoan, The Blood, and Disturbia are some of the examples of how heavy this album is and how Nightrage has worked on deliver a more extreme sound, but at the same time keep the style along the lines of melodic death metal. 

To understand more about the work that Nightrage put on The Venomous, guitar player and founder member Marios Iliopoulos talked to us about the creative process of The Venomous, the band’s future tour plans and the legacy of Nightrage.

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