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Marcela Bovio of Stream Of Passion talked to The Age Of Metal


 Stream Of Passion returns to the international scene with their third album Darker Days, one of the most deepest and darker albums that the band have recorded so far. The lyrics written by vocalist Marcela Bovio bring out her emotions and her thoughts about her change of life style and environment from her native Mexico to her new life in Holland. Musically and lyrically the album present us with various latin influences, an example of this are the lyrics of songs like “Our Cause”, “Darker Days”, and “Nadie Love”.

The album is not an innovation in gothic metal, but presents a different approach to it by including a spicy latin sound, that in its own measure gives a twist to the band’s sound. with this album Stream Of Passion shows a more mature band, and a more solid sound that shows why they are one of the more important bands in the gothic metal scene today. The Age Of Metal had the opportunity to talk with Marcela Bovio about the impact of her being now full-time in the band, the new album and the future plans of Stream Of Passion.

How has been the work with the band now that you are full-time in Holland?

What is the inspiration behind “Darker Days”?

What is the difference between Darker Days and The Flame Within?

How was the experience of working with Josst Van Den Broek as a full producer on Darker Days?

How has been the reaction of the fans to the album so far?

How do you see the gothic metal scene now to when Stream Of Passion begun back in 2005?

How do you see today the role of women in the metal scene?

Is it gonna be a tour supporting the new record?

Are there any chances of seeing Stream of Passion in the US any time soon?

What is next on Stream Of Passion’s career?



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