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Lacuna Coil, Cellar Darling & Sin Heresy at Dom Omladine Beograda (Belgrade, Serbia 11/13/17)


Once again the Serbian metal scene gathered to witness for the very first time the visit of one of the most iconic gothic metal bands in Europe, it’s almost unbelievable that after near two decades of existence Lacuna Coil visited Belgrade for the very first time until 2017. The reason why until now they are able to play in Serbia still puzzles me, but regardless of that, the show and the reception from the crowd was massive and positive.  

Lacuna Coil recently kicked off their European tour and last support tour for their recent album Delirium, and one of those dates was here in Belgrade last Monday, November 13. Along for the ride were Cellar Darling and SinHeresy. Doors opened at 8 pm sharp (I really love how punctual Serbians are for shows) as there were no lines previous to the opening doors, everyone just showed up at 8 pm and started to get into the Dom Omladine main hall. 

SinHeresy from Italy kicked off the night the right way and left a good impression on the crowd that was coming from the cold and rainy streets of Belgrade that night. Their set was almost entirely from their new album Domino released last April. I was a bit familiar with their music as they were one of those recommended bands from Spotify or Pandora that you get from time to time. Their music reminded me a lot of early Evanescence mixed with a bit of Elysion and a splash of The Murder Of My Sweet, but there were a couple of songs from their short set that stuck with me, Paint The World and Domino which were pretty catchy.

One of their vocalists, Stefano Sain reminded me of Felix Stass of Crematory, as his voice was quite powerful and his stage presence was quite strong. The other vocalist Cecilia Petrini also left a powerful impression as her stage presence and vocal power added balance and beauty to SinHeresy. I would love to see them again perhaps at a festival like Femme or Metal Female Voices Fest at some point in the future. 


The next band of the night was Cellar Darling, the band composed for ex- Eluveitie members, Anna Murphy (vocals and Hurdy Gurdy), Ivo Henzi (guitar), and Merlin Sutter (drums) who released their début album This Is The Sound last June and since then they have been pretty hard at work playing European festivals and recently had shared the stage with the likes of Evanescence, Delain, Sirenia, and now Lacuna Coil

Cellar Darling is quite different from what their members used to play in their previous band, their sound is more rock with some folk elements but at the same time is very folk less and it lacks the rigourosity of folk metal music. Cellar Darling‘s music is heavy, powerful and very catchy especially when you hear the live versions of songs like Fire, Wind, and Earth, Avalanche, Rebels. Black Moon, and Challenge

I was blown away by Anna‘s voice as you can hear it on a different context in Cellar Darling, it seems to me like she has more of a free range and power along with alot of more flexibility to be in and out of the spotlight. Cellar Darling will continue to be a very surprising band that has much more to offer as their music and style progresses and I won’t be surprised if we will see and hear much more from them in 2018. 


Now, it was the time for the main attraction of the night. Lacuna Coil was about to perform for the very first time in their almost 20-year career in Belgrade, and it seems Serbian metalheads were pretty stoked about it. It was the first time I was unable to move around at this venue as it was packed, strangely for a Monday night, but I guess no one wanted to miss this show. 

Lacuna Coil opened their set with Spellbound, Die & Rise, Kill the Light which was a trip to their most recent discography: Shallow Life (2009), Dark Adrenaline (2012) and Broken Crown Halo (2014). Before continuing with their most recent material like Blood, Tears, Dust, Ghost in the Mist, and My Demons out of Delirium (2016). By this time the Serbian metalheads were going pretty nuts about the live coiler experience they were getting for the very first time. It goes without saying that the room erupted with euphoria by the time Lacuna Coil played Trip the Darkness, Downfall, and Swamped.

To make things even more interesting and deliver more moments of joy to the crowd in front of them, Lacuna Coil played the Depeche Mode classic Enjoy the Silence, followed by Our Truth, Delirium and the announcement of their upcoming biographical book (coming soon) right before the anthem Nothing Stands in Our Way. But the night didn’t end up there. Their encore included their holiday song Naughty Christmas, the now iconic classic Heaven’s a Lie and The House of Shame out of the Delirium album. 

Saying that Lacuna Coil‘s first show in Belgrade was special is an understatement, their performance along with the vibe of the entire venue from concert goers, stagehand people, production people and even the promoters (yes, I saw you guys and girls headbanging in the balcony), everyone was really stoked about this show, and they seem to have enjoyed every second of it. Let’s hope that Lacuna Coil is able to come back to Serbia soon, as it seems they have really passionate fans waiting here for their return.


Lacuna Coil Fall 2017 European Tour
with Cellar Darling, SinHeresy, and Aeverium

Nov. 10 – San Gwann, Malta @ Aria Complex
Nov. 11 – Andernach, German @ JUZ Live Club
Nov. 12 – Wurgl, Austria @ Komma
Nov. 13 – Belgrade, Serbia @ Dom Omladine
Nov. 15 – Bucharest, Romania @ Quantic Club
Nov. 17 – Sofia, Bulgaria @ Mixtape 5
Nov. 18 – Thessaloniki, Greece @ Principal Theater Club
Nov. 19 – Athens, Greece @ Piracus Academy 117
Nov. 22 – Aarburg, Switzerland @ Musigburg
Nov. 24 – Aschaffenburg, Germany @ Colos-Saal
Nov. 25 – Leipzig, Germany @ Hellraiser
Nov. 26 – Weinheim, Germany @ Cafe Central
Nov. 28 – Toulouse, France @ Le Metronum
Nov. 29 – Zaragoza, Spain @ CC Delicias
Dec. 1 – Lisboa, Portugal @ Lisboa ao Vivo
Dec. 2 – Porto, Portugal @ Hard Club
Dec. 3 – Sevilla, Spain @ Cutom
Dec. 4 – Murcia, Spain @ Garaje
Dec. 6 – Esch Sur Alzette, Luxembourg @ Kulturfabrik
Dec. 7 – Lyon, France @ Ninkasi Kao
Dec. 8 – Vaureal, France @ Le Forum
Dec. 9 – Diest, Belgium @ Moonlight Music Hall
Dec. 10 – Nancy, France @ Chez Paulette
Dec. 11 – Bochum, Germany @ Zeche Bochum
Dec. 13 – Angers, France @ La Chabada
Dec. 14 – Colmar, France @ Le Grillen
Dec. 15 – Hengelo, Netherlands @ Metropol
Dec. 16 – Limoges, France @ Festival De Noel

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