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Jimmy Lundqvist of Entrails discussed World Inferno and the band’s reforming moment


In 1990/1991, in Linneryd, Sweden, Entrails, was started by Jimmy Lundqvist and Fredde. Tobbe and Billy joined the band shortly after, and Entrails‘ idea was to follow the footsteps of other Swedish Death Metal bands like Entombed, Grave, and Dismember. However, half of the band left in 1994, and Jimmy completely stopped writing songs in 1998. But Entrails was finally resurrected in 2008 when Jimmy found some old Entrails recordings. Now Entrails will be releasing their fifth full-length album, World Inferno, through Metal Blade Records on June 16th. 

World Inferno opens with the title track of the album. The song starts with wind and rain noises, an atmospheric sound, and what sounds like a keyboard with weird effects Male and female screams come in, giving the idea of people being tortured to death in a world inferno. The guitar comes in at 1:05, followed by the other guitar and bass, and drums. Then Tommy comes in with a hefty “ugh” to start off the vocals. The riffs are fast and catchy during the verses, and a bit slower and heavier during the chorus. These songs make for a great start to the album.

The third track, Serial Murder (Death Squad), which was the second single that the band released from World Inferno, is one of my favorites on the album. The song opens with the guitars and bass, Martin comes in with the drums that sound “marching squad” like, which makes a perfect fit for the second part of the title of the song. I like how Tommy sings, “serial murder!” and then Tommy and Pontus (I assume) sing, “death squad!” It’s like Tommy is the commander of the squad, and Pontus is a cadet who has to chant “death squad!” with the commander, haha.

Insane Slaughter, the sixth track on World Inferno, is another favorite of mine. It opens with a chord from a guitar ringing out, followed by chain and wind-like sounds, a piano, horn-like sounds, and an atmospheric sound. It’s a really cool intro before the song breaks out into another Death Metal masterpiece with both the guitars, bass, vocals and drums. The guitar solo sounds a bit more Rock, while the riff from the other guitar that’s being played during the solo sounds more Thrash, and I really like that contrast. The song ends with what sounds like Jimmy and Tommy growling the word “corpse.”

The last song on the album, The Blood Breed, opens with a guitar “creeping” in, with light symbol playing, the other guitar follows, along with the bass, drums, and Tommy comes in with another “ugh.” I enjoy the echoing of certain words Tommy sings. I really like how the slow guitar solo is accompanied by a nice, slow, clean toned riff, and the riff continues throughout the song along with the other slow paced playing of the other band members. The song ends with all instruments fading out, which makes it a great ending to another crushing Entrails album. It’s also another favorite track of mine on World Inferno.

4 out of 5 Rating: ★★★★☆

In order to get a better understanding of EntrailsWorld Inferno, I had the chance to speak with Jimmy Lundqvist guitar player and founder of Entrails about the story behind the new album, the sound and style of Entrails, and the reasons Entrails got reformed almost 10 years ago.

The Age of Metal: What are the ideas behind the album art on World Inferno?

Jimmy Lundqvist: The idea was that I wanted to leave the graveyards and make something else that is not-so-obvious for Death metal nowadays. So I just told the artist to make something in outer space with zombies just killing it all. A total surrealistic idea and the most optimal death that it can be!

TAOM: Dan Swano has been working with you guys for the last 7 years on every single release, how is the relationship you maintain with him, and how different was the experience this time around?

JL: Yeah, he has been mixing all our albums so far and also helps to get things right in the studio before the recordings with tips on how to get it easier to mix and so on. He is very down to earth and is truly a helpful guy that also knows us from top to bottom. He gives us what we want without any problems. And for this new one, there weren’t any changes in that either. He just nailed it after a few rounds.

TAOM: How was it working with Fredrik Widigs in the studio for the recording of “Tales From The Morgue,” and how did that happen? Who contacted who?

JL: When the Myspace site was around (before it became crap) Fredrik wrote a message to me and introduced himself as a session drummer and he had found our music really cool, and if we someday needed a session drummer, he wanted to help. And when ‘Tales from the Morgue’ had to be done without a drummer, I just contacted him and he recorded the drums in his studio after that.

TAOM: Do you think resurrecting the band in 2008 was a good idea, or do you believe you should have done it earlier when old school death metal was more relevant?

JL: Well, why not. Entrails have become rather big compared to the 90´s when we were only a local band and known by people in our area. And it still goes well for us and still growing. I wasn’t into music at all between 1998 and 2008 so I couldn’t do it earlier. So I didn’t know what to expect when I resurrected the band. And by that, it’s hard to believe what would happen if things went different.

TAOM: Besides finding some old recordings of Entrails, and feeling like they should be released, what else drove you to resurrect Entrails?

JL: I would say nostalgia and boredom with modern music made up my mind to go back to the roots.

TAOM: What are your thoughts regarding some of the sub-genres of Death Metal, specifically Technical Death Metal and Deathcore?

JL: I’m too old school to enjoy those genres. But full respect for those who play and listen to it. But it’s too much for me.

Entrails at Hellfest 2016

TAOM: Your music sounds like it has “death n’ roll,” and thrash elements in it. Do you agree with that statement, and if so, what were your influences on that style in your music?

JL: Yeah, I agree on that. I still have my 80´s roots with thrash and heavy metal along with other elements within my music that I make. But the main thing is to have a dark atmosphere and do it as we always do it.

TAOM: Since you’ve only played in the US once, which was Maryland Death Fest in 2014, would you consider bringing a full tour to the US, or playing MDF again?

JL: We actually played two shows that weekend and the first one was in New York before we drove to Maryland the day after. With our new booker we hope there will be more travels to the USA, and if not a tour, MDF is absolutely a favorite to play.

TAOM: What bands have been your favorite to tour or play with, and are there any bands you haven’t played with that you’d like to?

JL: We haven’t been on a tour with a big band yet but it would be fun to do something in the future. Slayer would be cool to support on a European tour. Otherwise, we have opened for Cannibal Corpse once and played along with tons of bands on the bigger festivals.

TAOM: Once the album is released are there any touring or festivals appearances plans to support the record around Europe?

JL: We joined a new booking agency (D19) a bit late last year and at that time festivals in 2017 were more or less full, so we are not fully loaded with shows this year I must say. But still looking for any options. And in the autumn and winter, we should be on track again with bookings. Requests are coming in already and by then we should be able to promote it.

TAOM: What is next for Entrails during 2017?

JL: Rehearsals and preparing for upcoming shows will be the main thing. As we have big gaps between shows we might do a video or something. That´s something Entrails never have done so far. And I believe it’s long awaited.

Entrails at Hellfest 2016


  • World Inferno
  • Condemned to The Grave
  • Serial Murder (Death Squad)
  • The Soul Collector
  • Dead and Buried
  • Insane Slaughter
  • Into Eternal Fire
  • Suffer
  • The Hour of The Casket
  • The Blood Breed

Genre: Death Metal

Label: Metal Blade Records

Playing Time: 46:16


Jimmy Lundqvist – guitars
Tommy Carlsson – vocals/bass
Pontus Samuelsson – guitars
Martin Michaelsson- drums


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