Jul 16

Jamie Teissiere of Sunflower Dead checked in with The Age Of Metal


What happens when a band project ends? Well, sometimes it is just the end of an era, and time to quit or move on to something else. That happened to Jamie Teissiere when his role as the guitar player of Droid suddenly ended, luckily for him after making some calls, and spreading the word about his new idea other musicians from different bands responded to his call. That is how Sunflower Dead started. Featuring ex members of Droid, Two Hit Creeper, and touring members of Buckethead and In This Moment, the band is ready to start their new musical adventure.

Sunflower Dead is defined as an alternative rock/metal quintet based in Long Beach, California. That is about to release their first album self titled Sunflower Dead next month, that was produced by Christian Olde Wolbers (Fear Factory) and mixed by Jeremy Blair (Guns n Roses & Devil Driver) , last week we had the chance to speak with Jamie about the upcoming album, the band, their stage presence, and the meaning of their music.

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