Jul 29

iwrestledabearonce – Ruining It For Everybody (2011)


When I first got turned on to these guys 2008 single “Tastes Like Kevin Bacon” I was, intrigued. Not a big fan of metal-core but the more I listened to them, I scratch my head because I am not sure if these guys are pure genius or just a bunch of clowns fucking around, but my curiosity took the better of me and I continued to seek them out. My anticipation grew as I found out they signed on with Century Media to release their album “Ruining it For Everybody” (2011) . I am pleasantly surprised that they have not been per swayed, as many bands are, to change their sound or technique.

Krysta’s vocal range in styles are impressive alone and with the combination of chaos musically, it only makes me curious as to where they are going with it. Silliness, unorthodox, and even bizarre “Ruining it For Everybody” is refreshing in its own way. Keep your eyes open for your chance to see them live.


1. Next Visible Delicious

2. You Know That Ain’t Them Dogs’ Real Voices

3. Deodorant Can’t Fix Ugly

4. This Head Music Makes My Eyes Rain

5. It is “Bro” isn’t it

6. Gold Jacket, Green Jacket

7. Break it Down Camacho

8. Stay to the Right

9. I’m Gonna Shoot

10. Karate Nipples

11. Button it Up


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