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Into the Flood – Vices (2013)



A new wave of positivity has hit the metal community. Christian metalcore band Into the Flood aspires to bring positivity to their listeners. Their debut album Vices is definitely enduring enough to influence a movement. With powerful riffs and unique vocals, this group can truly inspire. Their sound is the perfect combination of As I Lay Dying and Impending Doom, while still remaining singular enough to coin their name to it. This band certainly has an impressive group of musicians. With the contrasting high and low growls from vocalist Brendan Wilson, impressive drumming from Kevin Brady and the perfect mix of heavy and melodic riffs from guitarists Jacob Sacquitne and Justin Thacker, this band will prevail. And especially with all of the attention Vices has been getting, there is no doubt that this band can only elevate.

The Destroyer is by far the most powerful track off of the album. This song will definitely get you pumping with Wilson’s opening “blegh!” along with the skillful drumming and vigorous riffing. The whole song is a maze; hardcore intro, melodic chorus, breakdown, melodic chorus, another breakdown leading into a guitar solo, and then melody until the song ends. This kind of songwriting I can definitely appreciate. Another notable track is David Scheinost. This song is dedicated to David Scheinost, who was a good friend of the band that passed away due to a drowning accident. The album closes with By the Way of the Snake, a track comparable to The Destroyer in strength and force. This track wraps up this compelling album flawlessly, making it unforgettable.

A factor about this band that surprised me was that they’re Christian. Most of the religious metal bands I come across tend to be pushy with their beliefs, and as an atheist I don’t appreciate that. Into the Flood focuses more on writing lyrics that are positive and the message they want to portray stems from finding your inner strength and being “the change.” Anyone, no matter what your beliefs are, can respect the moral side of Christianity that is prominent in this band, without getting too Jesus-y. Actually, before I read up on them I wondered why they have a track called 21:14 and wondered what it meant; it makes perfect sense now.

Overall, I was very impressed with this album. Into the Flood will definitely be a positive change in the metal community. They will definitely be gaining a larger fan base with Vices. I’m just puzzled about what to expect from a live performance. It’s the kind of music you can hate mosh to, but…? Anyway, Vices will be released on June 11 by Century Media Records. Definitely pick up a copy and support these guys on their quest for positivity!



1. Vices
2. The Destroyer
3. David Scheinost
4. Sacrificing the Worm
5. Mirrors
6. Regret7. Disconnected
8. 21:14
9. Sufferer
10. Your Judgment is What Condemns You
11. Faitheater
12. Eye for an Eye
13. By the Way of the Snake

Genre: Metalcore

Record Label: Century Media Records

Playing Time: 33 Minutes


Brendan Wilson – Vocals
Jacob Sacquitne – Guitar
Justin Thacker – Guitar
Anthony Taylor – Bass
Kevin Brady – Drums



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