Feb 18

Interview with Threat Signal


Wednesday night was quite the rush as metal icons Children of Bodom took the stage. Though it was not just the metal icons bringing the fans out that night, but a few establishing acts also shared the state with them that night. Canadian natives, Threat Signal, who last year released their third full-length album was the first of four to take the stage and they tore it up. The set was a wonderful mix of all their releases that show cased the wonderful work off their 2011 release. I’ve been a fan since Vigilance, this was my first experience seeing them, and there was no disappointment in the show. They had great stage presence and were fantastic for getting the audience pumped up for the rest of the evening. If there were any mistakes in their playing, I surely didn’t notice because they took the stage with such confidence and presence.

Afterwards, I was fortunate enough to have a candid sit down with three members from Threat Signal. We get to have an inside look on how Travis Montgomery, Jon Howard, and Pat Kavanagh feel about the new the tour thus far and their intense moment with a stranger in the Utah. Find out where the band is headed next, both literally and musically!! All three shared with us how the feel new members have affected the band and why this album was self-titled. We also got to hear how each member feels about the nit picky state of the metal scene and some hilarious candid moments with the band!!

Hope you enjoy it.
Check out photos from the show here.
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