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Interview with Thrainn Arni Baldvinsson of Skálmöld



Last week we had the opportunity to have a chat with Thrainn Arni Baldvinsson guitarist of the Icelandic viking metal band Skálmöld, about their new album Baldur, touring plans and a general state of the band. This is what he told us:

What is it Skálmöld? And where did it come from?

Skálmöld basically means ‘’an age of war’’ or ‘’the age of the sword’’. The word is first used to describe a war between four clans in Iceland, fighting for power in the 13th century.

Where the idea for the concept album “Baldur” came from?

We just wanted to make music based on our heritage. We did not want to use the old stories, that´s been done over and over so we just wrote a new story and made it fit with within the old form of the sagas.

How was the experience of work with local producer Alex (Flex) Árnason?

It was great, he made us work hard. We tried working alone before we decided on working with Flex and that did not work, so we ended up going to him and we don’t regret that decision.

 “Baldur” is a long album, why did Skálmöld decided to record a long album as a début?

I don’t thin it´s a long album. We thought it was too short! An EP was out of the question, either we make an album with an album worth of material or we do nothing at all. Take no prisoners!

How has been the reception of the album by the fans?

Great, absolutely great! We are so happy. Fans and critics alike, people seem to love the album which is a big bonus for us. We loved the album from day one and we were happy with it, so for others to like it makes us even happier!

You guys played the W.E.T Stage on Wacken Open Air 2011, how was the experience of playing a huge metal fest like that one?

We are still wondering how in the name of ……… we made it on to the festival bill! It was awesome, it´s an amazing festival.

Are there any touring plans? And if so is the US including it on those plans?

The album was released in the USA in early august so we should support the album in the states but at the moment there are no plans for an US tour. We will tour Europe in October as a part of the ‘’Heidenfest 2011 tour’’ but we really wanna tour the US. Let´s hope our record company sends Skálmöld to the states in 2012 J

 What is the next step on Skálmöld’s career?

A big show here in Iceland in September and then a 24 date European tour in october. After that another big gig in Iceland as well as keep on promoting the album. Then it´s off to the rehearsal room to start writing for our next album which should hopefully see the light of day in the spring of 2012.

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