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Interview with Terji Skibenæs guitarist of Týr



A couple days ago The Age Of Metal had the chance to talk with Terji Skibenæs guitar player of the faroese viking metal band Týr about their latest album The Lay of Thrym, touring and future plans. This is what he told us.

The Age Of Metal: What can you tell us about your latest album The Lay of Thrym? What is the idea or concept behind it?

Terji Skibenæs: The story is inspired by the uprisings in North Africa and the Middle East superimposed upon the story of Thrym and the Theft of the Hammer. And we pretty much just wanted to make a pretty straight forward album which would be easy listening to and to hopefully gain a few more fans that are not so in to our older stuff.

TAOM: Most of the songs of the album are in English, what made you take that decision

TS: It’s easier to sing in English and sounds better in my opinion.

TAOM:  Týr recorded two cover songs for this album “I” of Black Sabbath and “Stargazer” of Rainbow, what is the meaning of these songs for the band?

TS: We decided some time back that we wanted to record each band members favorite songs on upcoming albums. These two were Heri’s (I) and Kári’s (Stargazer) favorite. So since Ronnie James DIO passed away not so long ago, we decided to record these two this time.

TAOM: How was the experience of comeback to Jacob Hansen studios for The Lay of Thrym?

TS: It was very nice and relaxing actually. It’s always great to be in that studio and atmosphere.

TAOM: I saw you guys last year at ProgPower USA XI, How was the experience of playing on it? And would you be back and do it again?

TS: It was great to play there. Very professional arranged and everything went smoothly. And the audience was great. Yes, we would love to play there again!

TAOM: In November Týr is going to start a European tour, what are the expectations of that tour?

TS: Our plan is to play a bunch of newer and older songs which we have never played live before. And are just looking forward to some more good times with our friends from Moonsorrow and play some good shows every night.

TAOM: Are there any plans to comeback to the USA any time soon?

TS: There are no plans at the moment but we are just waiting for a good opportunity to come back there. We love it there!

TAOM: What is next on Týr’s career?

TS: Next up is the Dead Tyrants Tour across Europe then 2 shows in Russia in Dec. After that we plan on thinking about recording a new album. If it will be a full blown TÝR album or something different, we don’t know yet.

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