Mar 08

Interview with DJ DaveWave of That Metal Bar in Scottsdale,AZ


Since I moved to the United States I have notice that is a lack of heavy metal bars, especially in Arizona. Hollywood has The Roxy and The Whiskey A Go Go while New York has Duff’s and Lucky 13th. So when I get the news that it was a new bar featuring metal nights In Scottsdale, AZ I couldn’t help myself, so I went and check it out. The result, well it blew my mind.

That Metal Bar was the result of an experiment done on 11/11/11 (National Metal day 2011) by DJ DaveWave of for one night a week transform Shotgun Betty’s a rock and roll/country bar in Scottsdale,AZ into a heavy metal bar. Since then every Thursday night, the music gets harder and louder, the girls get hotter and the drinks get cheaper. Once you get through the doors, you can hear from Black Sabbath to Iron Maiden, and from Slayer to Lamb Of God. Seat in the bar or patio, drink a beer or a cocktail while the gorgeous servers and bartenders mix drinks, and from time to time dance in one of the polls located on each side of the bar (this is NOT a strip club, as the servers are fully dressed)

If you are looking to get out of the routine of the typical club or sports bar, That Metal Bar has something different to offer. heavy metal, gorgeous women and cheap drinks.

So after many beers I decided to interview DJ DaveWave the creator of That Metal Bar about from where he got the idea, and where this idea is going. This is what he told us:

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