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IMPURE WILHELMINA announce new album, stream new track

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Swiss post-hardcore veterans IMPURE WILHELMINA announced new details behind the release of their forthcoming album. The new full-length is titled ‘Radiation’, and will be released worldwide by Season of Mist on July 7. Pre-orders for the album are available across multiple CD and LP formats at the Season of Mist E-Shop.

IMPURE WILHELMINA are streaming the first new track off ‘Radiation’. The track is titled “Great Falls Beyond Death”, and sees the band pushing the limits of their signature sound, interweaving metallic hardcore with hard-hitting rock. “Great Falls Beyond Death” is streaming now at Decibel Magazine.

Regarding the new track, IMPURE WILHELMINA comment: “We have chosen the opening track ‘Great Falls beyond Death’ of our new full-length entitled ‘Radiation’ for the first premiere. The song starts with an easy melody line and a massive guitar that both evolve into a more dark and twisted tune. The vocals grow steadily more epic until the song coalesces into its melancholic finale – evoking fatalism, fanaticism, ignorance, and the fear of death. We see it as a perfect way to start the journey towards our new album – to take-off and then fall through an uncharted musical radiation.”

Track List
1. Great Falls beyond Death
2. Sacred Fire
3. Child
4. Torn
5. We Need a New Sun
6. Meaningless Memories
7. Bones and Heart
8. By Ravens and Flies
9. Murderers
10. Race with You

Founded in 1996, Geneva’s Impure Wilhelmina drew their moniker from the heroine of Bram Stoker’s classic tale. They drew influence from the aggressive creativity of their contemporaries in the metallic and emotional hardcore scenes exploding in both Europe and North America at the time, as well as the angsty personal songwriting exemplified by the early grunge movement.

Following their self-titled debut, IMPURE WILHELMINA  have constantly reshaped their style and turn each of their albums into standalone artistic expressions, all while keeping the band’s unique approach to intense, melodic,  and expressive post-hardcore.

The band have shared stages with a varied group of international stalwarts such as NEUROSIS, THE OCEAN, GOJIRA, ISIS, and more.

More IMPURE WILHELMINA news and tour information please visit the Season of Mist website, and the IMPURE WILHELMINA website and Facebook page.

What the press says about IMPURE WILHELMINA:

“their songs are remarkably well-conceived, adventurous and lush with raw and genuine emotion. What Opeth brings to progressive death, what Mastodon brings to metallic sludge, is directly analogous to what Impure Wilhelmina bring to emotional metalcore. It does not get better than this.” – Teeth of the Divine

“‘Black Honey’, their fifth full-length to date, represents the culmination of 17 years of the band’s personal and musical growth, wherein their trademark blend of intricate, yet emotional metallic hardcore and oppressive sludge stomp has been overtaken – but by no means overwhelmed – by the shimmering pop sensibilities that have always lurked beneath the surface of the band’s heartfelt compositions.” – Terrorizer

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