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Hellsaw – Trist (2012)


Austrian Black Metal Band Hellsaw is back with their latest release “Trist.”  Currently signed with Napalm Records their new album Trist is composed of 9 tracks.  The band was formed back in 2002; current members are Aries (Vocals), Malthus (Guitars), Isiul (Guitars), Desderoth (Bass), and Neuroticon (Drums).

“The Devil Is Calling My Name,” is the first song off the album.  It’s a great old school black metal track.  The guitar rifts in the song have a very dark tone and the vocals are just as deep.  The song definitely sets up a dark atmosphere that will be held up consistently throughout the album.  The second song  “Sorrow Is Horror,” is a very intense beginning to end.   “Doom Pervades My Nightmares,” is the third song off the cd.  The track is an amazing beautiful song.  It has very raw vocals at the beginning and then has a slow part where Aries sings some clean vocals.  The guitar rift backing him up is very subtle and not over powering but leaves with an impression of a demonic presence.  “The Forerunner Of The Apocalypse,” & “Death Bells,” are the next two songs off the cd.  Both great songs that continues to keeps giving you shrill vocals, amazing guitar rifts and drums.

Trist the titled track of the album is a very calm melodic black metal song.  You demonstrates deep sorrow, pain and anguish in Aries voice, the guitar rifts again are soothing deep and dark.  “A Winter Cold,” & Beldame 1450 tracks 7 & 8 are what can be considered to be the songs that are most memorable on the album.  They both convey a vivid feeling of powerful black metal at its finest.  Fans will enjoy these songs and could consider  them to be the fastest songs off the album.   “Silence,” brings the album to a close.  The last track off the album sticks to the formula of previous songs.  It’s an awesome song to end the album with.

 Hellsaw’s new album Trist over all was a beautiful old school black metal album.  Loved the clean vocals, alluring guitar rifts and outstanding drums.  Everything about the album technically compliments each other.  Really enjoyed listening to the album.  Black metal fans should pick up the album and listen to it so they too can appreciate an amazing album.

Track List (personal picks*)

01. The Devil Is Calling My Name
02. Sorrow Is Horror
03. Doom Pervades My Nightmares**
04. The Forerunner Of The Apocalypse
05. Death Bells
06. Trist**
07. A Winter Cold
08. Beldame 1450
09. Silence*

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