Jul 19

Hell In July: Six Feet Under/DecrepitBirth/Cannabis Corpse at The Orpheum Theater (07/15/13)



There was something in the air. It smelled of the stoniest, sickest, most heavily dreadlocked, death metal show to ever come to The Orpheum Theater on a Monday night. It was awesome.

Local bands and Dealey Plaza got things started right and roughed the place up early.
Anxious fans errupted when at last Cannabis Corpse hit the stage. They definitely appeared to be a crowd favorite as they torched through their set of killer songs.

Up next was Decrepit Birth and they are amazing live. Several fans I spoke to were there just for them and as I watched them, dripping with charisma and putting on a great show, I can see why. They were without a doubt a highlight of the night. If you’ve never checked them out– what’s wrong? Do yourself a favor already!

Six Feet Under blew me away. Did not disappoint. Having been perfecting his guttural pitch for 20+ years, Chris Barnes proves his vocal chords are made of steel. The band sounded excellent, there seems to be a great vibe within the current lineup, and they nailed through everything from classics to current favorites. Six Feet Under show no signs of slowing down. It’s all systems go.

Check out our pictures of the show here

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